Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Recent Kitchen Project

I've been doing lots and lots of kitchen cabinet projects, which make for kind of boring posts, if you ask me. I'm always assuming you guys probably don't want to see posts with just kitchen cabinets painted from brown wood to a color? So, I usually don't blog about them!

I did do a fun cabinet job last week, though, with a little twist at the end...

 photo 570e234d-8de7-4464-9d52-b96bea076507_zps78a98db3.jpg

sunflower gold inside the exposed glass cabinetry (Benjamin Moore's Golden Groves). The surrounding cabinetry was painted gray (Benjamin Moore's Kendall Charcoal.)

 photo ceca45dd-de7a-451a-92e2-8acc78d5da09_zpseadaf3f3.jpg
(obviously this is when it was just finished, and I couldn't close the doors for a proper shot!)

 photo ff914476-989c-4f30-ab47-f0d0a965c57c_zps79293bbd.jpg

Also, my client was super cool, and she and I were definitely kindred spirits. We chatted practically all day while I was there, and bonded over loving the same music! She and her son even took me to lunch for my first Vietnamese Buford Highway food experience.

 photo 2229777f-8d0a-4523-8ad0-08b4872e7c88_zps84188e1b.jpg

it was delish (yes, I doused it in soy sauce and Sriracha.).

The to-go coffee smoothies were insanely sweet and good. Anyone that knows me knows I love my coffee probably too-sweet, and this Vietnamese concoction was right on the money.

Anyway, my client and I also bonded over our mutual love for Bruno Mars. You guys! I know I'm a little late to the party on this one, but he is one talented dude. I have mentioned before how I am obsessed with Michael Jackson (I even dressed up like him for Halloween a couple of years ago), and he is Michael reincarnated. Seriously! You guys should Youtube search his live performances, if you haven't already. Super crazy talented dancer and singer.  

I'll leave you with this gem on a Thursday morning... you're welcome (sorry for the short offensive language at the beginning, if it bothers you):

See? Michael.


  1. I LOVE cabinet posts!!! Would also love to see some tips (as I will be painting my builder grade oak cabinets in the coming months). Beautiful work on these!

    1. ok good :) i'll keep posting them! i'll try and throw out some tips, too.

  2. I enjoy seeing your spin on cabinets. The pops of color on the inside totally change the look/feel.

  3. I ALWAYS love seeing bright colorful cabinets of any sort. I'm with ya on Bruno too....LOVE him! And I'm 59 y/o.

  4. ok, good! i'm glad that you guys like my boring cabinet posts :) and high-five on bruno!

  5. nothin boring here! So grateful to see your talents and love Michael Jackson too. enjoyed the Bruno video too. Have a grand day!

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