Friday, June 28, 2013

Choosing Our Exterior House Paint Colors

Soooo.... along with being able to make decisions about the interior house colors, I was also able to pick out the colors for our exterior. Exciting, but a super-daunting task. I'd never picked out exterior colors before, and it is NOT the same as interior. Usually (not always, but usually), I am able to select colors pretty easily for interior, based on the general feel that I get the first time I look at a color. I'll generally give clients around 3-5 choices, but usually there is one that I love, and that's it. 

Well, let's just say with the exterior, I ended up doing about 6 different selections of samples before choosing one. One of the main issues was that our builder/architect wanted to do more of a brown, so I was trying to get something that was in-between a brown and a gray. Eventually we just settled on a gray, but I really wanted to compromise, because I totally respect his artistic vision and ideas about what he wanted the house to look like. His idea was to do a brown on the bottom base, a lighter color, like white, on the top block, and to do the window sashes in a burnt orange color. That was totally cool, and I did like it, but the condo we just moved out of was burnt orange on the trim with brown on the base. So similar, and I couldn't get excited about having the same look on my new house. So, we ended up going with gray. 

Anyway, before I made the decision, I played around with Sherwin Williams' color selector app called "Color Snap", on my iPad. I wasn't sure how accurate it would be, but in reviewing my tester application with the app, and then seeing the colors in real life, it actually was super accurate. 

here is our house before any paint was added (or the awning!)

 photo 1185cf61-7a7c-4bcc-b2ba-0a6173f5afd6_zps5deb7718.jpg

I put this photo into my iPad, and used it to play around with. At first, I just played around with colors in the drawing app that comes with your iPad. Then I downloaded the actual app from Sherwin Williams. Anyway, I initially wanted to do a bright door, and still actually do, but I decided for now to just have it painted black, because all of the other colors were so daunting, that I didn't want to deal with having to select a bright paint color for right now. I still think a yellow door in the future would be awesome.

This was with a browny-gray and a white top, with a colorful door. The compromise colors, if you will. haha

 photo 902acd5a-d66b-4ba0-ab74-73844fbbe6b7_zpsb1a2cc40.jpg


After that, I made one with the colors that I initially really wanted for the house -- all grays:

 photo 5e85a4c6-c454-4ca4-910d-10dcd15458b3_zpsacbcad2b.jpg

ahh, me likey. Again, this was still just drawing on my iPad iPhoto app. 

Then, I brought in the Sherwin Williams app, and after playing around with it for  bit, found some colors that I liked. We ended up going with:

Bottom block: SW Gauntlet Gray
Top Block: SW Collonade Gray (the same gray that we have on the walls inside - looks totally different inside than it does out)
Sashes and door: SW Black Magic
Very bottom cement block: SW Thunder Gray
Trim: SW (ah, it was a trim color that I don't know of now - will update when I find it)

here is my SW app mock up:

 photo bfc9d6e8-363f-44ce-9fb4-50c9a0a7bc2c_zps8adc21e1.jpg

and here is the real deal (Jordan's dad took this photo while he was over - I am being lazy and using it rather than going out and snapping my own!)

 photo 7807_10200860878796894_1817428084_n_zps3bce8e10.jpg

pretty accurate, huh? And by the way, we have a sidewalk now. :)

oh! and for those of you that inquired about my adirondacks - here they are!

I guess the main lesson I learned was that colors can get really washed out outside, versus inside. They'll look totally different if you select them indoors, at night, than when you go and buy a bunch of samples and put them on the exterior. A great rule of thumb for newbies is to use colors that are on the back of the SW deck. They're popular for a reason - they have worked in lots of places and on lots of surfaces, and they usually will look great. Also, SW has lots of exterior lines at their stores, to help you out. We actually didn't use any of those, but perusing them was nice.

OK, then end. It's the weekend, woo! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Recent Kitchen Project

I've been doing lots and lots of kitchen cabinet projects, which make for kind of boring posts, if you ask me. I'm always assuming you guys probably don't want to see posts with just kitchen cabinets painted from brown wood to a color? So, I usually don't blog about them!

I did do a fun cabinet job last week, though, with a little twist at the end...

 photo 570e234d-8de7-4464-9d52-b96bea076507_zps78a98db3.jpg

sunflower gold inside the exposed glass cabinetry (Benjamin Moore's Golden Groves). The surrounding cabinetry was painted gray (Benjamin Moore's Kendall Charcoal.)

 photo ceca45dd-de7a-451a-92e2-8acc78d5da09_zpseadaf3f3.jpg
(obviously this is when it was just finished, and I couldn't close the doors for a proper shot!)

 photo ff914476-989c-4f30-ab47-f0d0a965c57c_zps79293bbd.jpg

Also, my client was super cool, and she and I were definitely kindred spirits. We chatted practically all day while I was there, and bonded over loving the same music! She and her son even took me to lunch for my first Vietnamese Buford Highway food experience.

 photo 2229777f-8d0a-4523-8ad0-08b4872e7c88_zps84188e1b.jpg

it was delish (yes, I doused it in soy sauce and Sriracha.).

The to-go coffee smoothies were insanely sweet and good. Anyone that knows me knows I love my coffee probably too-sweet, and this Vietnamese concoction was right on the money.

Anyway, my client and I also bonded over our mutual love for Bruno Mars. You guys! I know I'm a little late to the party on this one, but he is one talented dude. I have mentioned before how I am obsessed with Michael Jackson (I even dressed up like him for Halloween a couple of years ago), and he is Michael reincarnated. Seriously! You guys should Youtube search his live performances, if you haven't already. Super crazy talented dancer and singer.  

I'll leave you with this gem on a Thursday morning... you're welcome (sorry for the short offensive language at the beginning, if it bothers you):

See? Michael.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Kitchen

There is still SO much to do in this house (ah! So fun! it's hard not to go nuts over it), but I am pretty happy with the kitchen and dining area right now. Of course there are other things I'd like to add, but the major part of furnishing this space is done. It was a high priority for when we moved in (kind of need somewhere to sit when you eat). 

 photo 7260792d-2c88-40f3-9aa2-d24d63ffe451_zps736ff012.jpg

As you can see, the chairs are still white... it was the general consensus when I asked you guys, and it was a lot easier than painting them dark again. hah. I think I'm starting to like them white now, anyway. I just need some lighter seat cushions for the chairs - which apparently are hard to find. What, is it not practical to have white pillows to eat on? Who needs practicality, I say. Prettiness is where it's at. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but I got the table at Scott's Antique Market here in Atlanta, in the North building. Would you believe I'd never gone to Scott's before that time (about a month ago)? I have been wanting to go for a long time, but living in our condo, it really always felt pointless, because we didn't need furniture or anything. I guess I could've picked up accessories, but for some reason I never did. Anyway, I'm so happy with the farm table. 

I hung the old artwork from our bedroom in here for now, but it may change. I'd like to get a vintage sideboard or something to go on that wall under the artwork. It will have to be shallow, and I'm on the hunt. Also, we need some blinds and curtains, stat. I was researching blinds yesterday, but I haven't found any that I like that have the privacy liner in them! Lowe's sells only two types of blinds with privacy liners - one is a really light blonde wood, and one is a really dark wood. The medium ones don't have the privacy liners. I did find a DIY project online where you could add your own fabric to the backs of any bamboo shades, but I find that frustrating when you pay around $60 per shade anyway! I don't want to have to do surgery on my expensive shades to "make it work", you know?! Do you guys have any suggestions? We definitely need the privacy liner, since our's are on exterior windows that show to the street and right to our next door neighbors :) I did find an option online, but the website seemed a little shady, and made me nervous.

I may just end up going with the dark versions of the bamboo ones from Lowe's. As for curtains, Ive been searching Spoonflower and found a few contenders. I love Spoonflower! As you may remember, I bought fabric there last summer, and made some curtains for our bedroom. I think this time, I'll go with a slightly higher quality fabric, though. The last one was fine, but it was a little thin for curtains.

 photo dbd15250-b145-4a86-9b25-cd3a6ba06563_zps5a05fe51.jpg

 photo 9c501ecc-27a8-47e5-a5db-1fb6b99a7500_zps9989c41f.jpg

Right now, we have those paper temporary shades on all the windows, and they keep randomly falling off the window. So annoying, and so weirdly loud in an empty, echoey house. Scary!!!

lastly, i am really loving the orange stools from overstock!

 photo aa9ecf35-46db-4c15-90fc-c2e7fcbdb76d_zps237f4ec6.jpg

they're the perfect height, and they're nice and sturdy. and: no assembly required. Ahhh. The chairs took about 45 minutes to put together, so i was quite happy when i opened the box to these babies and they were just stacked. Much easier. 

anyway, that's all for now - just a little house update!

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Desk I Built

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to build a desk for Jordan's office. I'd gone to IKEA to look for a desk to build for him, but when I looked at the different legs that they offered, I didn't like any of the desk tops, so I decided something slightly more rustic would be cooler and fit the vibe of the house better. Our house is slightly on the modern side, so toning it down with some rustic/earthy vibes helps balance it out, I think. 

I found these legs (for some reason, again, IKEA doesn't have just the legs for sale on their website, that I can see. I bought them individually at the store, though, for $10 each). Then I went to Lowe's and bought some wood. I'm not sure what the length of the pieces I bought were, or what type of wood they were (bad blogger), but when I brought them home they looked like this:

 photo 2ec9ccf1-c121-4575-91c3-414f7bdfc18c_zpsc875269c.jpg

 A lot of people don't know, but Lowe's and Home Depot will actually cut the wood for you. I didn't have them cut it for me in this case, but it can be done, and it's a lot easier if you have a smaller car. I trimmed three pieces down with my Skil saw until they were all the same length, then laid them side by side on the ground.

Since I didn't take pictures of the whole process for you guys, I decided to draw some:

 photo 4fd4e859-9ce1-43ef-b46a-90592bdb9439_zps05eded1d.jpg


lay your three pieces of wood out side by side:

 photo b678e19c-5d77-49c2-afdc-a82a71da8c81_zps30d90105.jpg

Trim them to the same lengths, if necessary. 


 photo 8e53ce97-4f32-404d-8b42-fc0027244eac_zpsbecaa0ee.jpg

use short pieces to attach your three pieces together. Nails need to go into all three long boards and short boards. So, you'll have 9 areas of nails or screws. Make sure your nails or screws are long enough to go into both pieces of wood, but short enough so that they don't come back through the top of the desk! This is something important that I have forgotten in the past, and makes for an annoying mistake. 

After that, your top of your desk is built. The ikea trestle pieces don't come with something to attach them to the desk with, which is weird. The guy at the store told me they did, but he was wrong (unless I am missing something...). Fortunately, the desk stays on top of the trestle tables pretty nicely, due to the weight, but if you have kids or are worried about it being knocked over, this is an issue. I'm sure there's some way you could attach it, but I haven't gotten that far! 

when you are done, you have this:

 photo dc91e1d9-4d9d-4fe2-ac44-7b0052aadf8f_zps42015a9e.jpg

oh- I forgot to say that I rubbed the whole thing down with diluted Jacobean stain. Very diluted. didn't want it to be strong. I also dragged a hammer and made a bunch of indention marks in the top for a more rustic, salvaged wood vibe. 

 photo c5cf3e19-1d0f-4549-9f24-1194282ae61a_zps6ebb8fc0.jpg

Last week, I saw this desk on Bryn's blog, and it definitely reminds me of my desk:

 photo img100o_zpscc15c329.jpg

It's from west elm. It's $500, so I like the price of mine a little better, which came out at under $50 :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Wine Cellar Mural

It's Friday!

Last week, I finished up a mural in a wine cellar for a client.. I thought I'd share it with you guys here. The wine cellar was pretty remarkable in itself, and my client wanted it to look like you were looking out a window into an Italian wine country. I think we achieved it?

 photo dd19b08f-5398-48f8-bf6f-118798061e06_zpsa4ab602e.jpg

 photo 6642a1dc-2d26-48e7-8d8a-06f31111a603_zps5bbfd308.jpg

 photo 9342ab7d-2a3c-49db-b8d7-a2bf106e3a2e_zps730fab2c.jpg

have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

checking in.

hey guys,

just checking in... been so busy with work (in the middle of a big cabinet project, which really wears me out, especially around wednesday/thursday of the week!) and house stuff, and blah blah. i just don't have the inspiration to blog! i did get up this morning, and shoot some photos of the new house for a future collaboration (woo!), so i had a couple of phone shots to share with you guys... 

can i just say how much fun it is to play house? ahhh. last night, i got out and planted more flowers (people have been giving us plants as new-house gifts, and i LOVE it!), then we sat on the porch until about 9pm. and it was still really light outside, which was weird!

 photo 5cc7d759-1820-4e86-903e-f2e7ff522254_zpsaff05b92.jpg

I think I showed you guys bits and piece of that painting that I finished recently-ish... anyway, I kind of love it, and it's hanging in our hallway, leading up to the stairs now. 

 photo 105a277c-a103-4706-861f-d4f8b17f82d5_zps4d779af0.jpg

this was a photo i posted on instagram yesterday. just a little kitchen vignette. i got that little orange/blue/white plate from cb2 recently, and i like it because i think it looks vintage! the little blue and white dish is from a thrift store and actually is vintage... jordan bought me that orange rose from a  man selling roses near our PO box in little five points. :)

last but not least, i know you miss mika and need a picture of him. hah. 

 photo 1d72f68e-1693-4f22-872f-368c174e1528_zps34b52883.jpg

i bought that little rug from the nate berkus line at target... i love it! it's the perfect tomato red. i wish there were more items in this color way from his line. all the towels are really cute, too, i'm just in a big white-towel phase (have been for a few years now). they just seem easy and timeless, you know!? i also wanted to show you the herringbone pattern we did on the tile in the floor. it was the first little tweak i made in the house, and i really do like it. 

ok, the end. time to go paint cabinets! i hope you guys don't mind being patient with me while i'm crazed!

Monday, June 17, 2013


Good morning, and happy Monday (boo). 

Did you guys have a nice weekend? Our's was great, and packed with lots of family and socializing. I finished up last week with a few painting projects, and am headed out the door in a bit to work on starting a kitchen cabinet job. I have a few photos I snapped over the past few days I thought I'd share...

 photo d631de11-506a-408c-aef9-f75cbc7b6ae2_zps2d2b3a93.jpg
Here are our new kitchen stools, woo. I got them at Overstock. I thought they'd be more of a red-orange tomato-y color, but when they got here they were orange. I still really love them, though, and the orange actually matches the rug I bought last weekend for the dining area perfectly, so it all ties together magically and nicely. :)

 photo 8c222d76-2aec-4aac-89a9-7b3494a21429_zps46d4868e.jpg
I also got some more of the wire Bertoia lookalike chairs on Amazon. I painted them white, but I'm thinking i might paint them back black or dark gray again. I think I liked the contrast better before. What do you guys say?

 photo a5023cf9-ddf2-4717-9430-dc9f9f920a6b_zpsd74538af.jpg

I picked some gardenias yesterday and placed them on the table. It smells so good in there! 

I found those old bottles on the side of the road a long time ago... I still love them. 

We had family over last night for father's day. And look! We can fit more than 3 people in our house at one time! haha.

 photo b5fcffd5-6597-4cbc-b3a0-41138723dcfd_zpsfa8a4856.jpg

There's my dad... and assorted other family members. Look at all that food! My brother and I (ok, mainly him but I chopped things) made tacos for the fam.

 photo df18d1de-756c-4291-8b38-9497fb7dfcb4_zps8d3d5db0.jpg
here's my brother David, breaking in the new grill. (of course my dad came over on Father's day with a gift for us. :) a sweet new grill! Awesome.)

hope you all had a nice weekend... lemme know what you think about my chair color?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Room Service Atlanta | Jennifer Baggett & Liz Ballard

Every year, I like to donate my services to a great cause - Room Service Atlanta. A few of you may remember the first year, where I donated my painting services to help out my friend Lori May. The house was the Nicolas House which was in Grant Park, and I painted a tree and birds on the wall of her room. The following year, in 2012, I helped out by having Mycolor Inspired by Pantone Paint donated paint to the cause. This year, I donated by creating some artwork for the talented Jennifer Baggett and Liz Ballard. Here are some photos of their beautiful room. They really did a great job transforming the space, and the femininity of it is so much fun, I think. I love the lavender walls! 

 photo 55ec16f2-1b0e-4cc9-a688-f59b46ce6212_zps0e2cfb25.jpg
(the inspirational quote artwork that is framed above the sofa was the lettering I did for them)

 photo IMG_1459PixelInteriorsPhotography_zpse053aae1.jpg

 photo IMG_1433PixelInteriorsPhotography_zps9e3a6f66.jpg

 photo c9063992-3f8e-484e-ac03-d64f03b84635_zps0783fb2d.jpg

Beautiful Job, Jennifer and Liz! Head over to Jennifer's blog to check out some before photos -- you won't believe it.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outdoor Furniture Personalization!

I mentioned yesterday that Jordan and I were super-excited to have porches at our new house. For the past three years at the condo, we never had anywhere to sit outside that was private (actually, there wasn't a public space either - no outdoor hang out areas there), so if we wanted to sit out and have a drink or dinner on a porch, we went to Six Feet Under or The Republic in Grant Park, which was in walking distance of our condo. As fun as that was, we got to the point where we were really wanting somewhere all our own to sit outside. So, we're really happy that we finally have that! I told Jordan a few months ago, when we decided to make this house a reality, that I thought our number one priority should be getting outdoor furniture as soon as possible! One week in: done. 

I got it done yesterday, by going to some of my favorite spots -- World Market and Ikea. 

I bought the Square Bali Table from World Market for $150. They had the CUTEST little red vintage-looking wire-y chairs painted in a tomato orange that I was planning to pair them with, but by the time I had made my mind up that that was the combo I wanted, my World Market was out of the chairs. AND, apparently they were discontinued and nowhere to be found in Atlanta. I was kind of bummed at first, but immediately began searching for different chairs. I saw some metal cuties at Ikea, but when I went to the store, found them to be SO uncomfortable, and since we plan to be hanging out here a lot, I wanted them to be comfy for hours on end. 

I walked around the outdoors section at Ikea and sat in about 20 different chairs. This is something you need a friend to do with you, because it's weird. Anyway, I settled on the Hasselon chairs (for some reason they are not sold separately on Ikea's website, but they were sold separately in store for $45.)

I placed everything together to make sure it all fit nicely in the space, and it did! I knew though, that I would have to stain the arm rests on the chairs to match the table. I bought some American Walnut Minwax stain in a tiny container and stained the arms dark. The arms are already really rough, so they took the stain well, and it was a pretty good match! 

 photo A046C6DD-9F70-40B8-A78B-00D003A738E8-3480-000002828E458EA0_zpsca0aa43f.jpg

 I brushed the stain on, and then rubbed a little back with a paper towel. I wiped up any dark stain spots I got on the white chair with mineral spirits and a paper towel. Easy!

 photo BF55BD8B-A22B-4E9C-B084-F8D4E4F2859D-3480-000002827FFF0F34_zpse56bb3ea.jpg

I was happy to see that the stain I bought matched nicely.

 photo 41225326-7406-4A60-8C53-CCB03C84820B-3480-00000282866892B2_zpsf9be3b21.jpg
see the difference?! I think the new stain really gives a much more upgraded look.

And here they are! All done and looking pretty:

 photo A9F32FFB-A0CA-4879-8584-76E0C51301FF-3480-00000282960A7412_zps44d378b4.jpg

I did a little succulent potted container on the table, too:
 photo 016C4485-845A-4990-A1A1-C22D227DA24C-3480-000002829DE24745_zps99e3ce69.jpg

I also bought two of the Roxo arm chairs to sit across from the table and chairs:

 photo 46E435D6-7E45-404A-BF32-1788134BF3A7-3480-00000288BBBB5760_zpsdad05127.jpg

I love the orange with our gray house. I need to find a cute little circular table of some sort to sit in between those, and also some cement planters with plants out there. Yay for summer projects!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New House Tour

Hi guys. Sooo, it took me forever to check back in with you. We have internet now, though, so I can be back into the normal swing of things. We're almost unpacked, too, which is feeling much better! 

I thought that I would take you on a little iPhone tour of the new house today. This house was a situation that I never thought would be the case for us; new-build, slightly on the more modern side, and in a neighborhood I've not lived in for a long time. But, we love it. It really feels like a dream-house, with porches on both the front and back of the house, a fenced in yard, a yard, and --count them-- three bathrooms (that's a lot for us!)! I always thought we'd be buying a house that needed work, and we'd be doing lots of renovating and tearing out and building back and such. It's crazy to have been able to pick out most of the finishes and paint colors and to call the house ours. 

Anyway, I'll explain more as we go along!

First up, Kitchen:

 photo 7aecbafd-3832-4a75-9fe9-60a760441992_zpseaa3ad55.jpg

The builder/architect had already picked out the cabinetry (Its an Ikea kitchen as far as the cabinets), but I was able to pick out backsplash, countertops (within parameters of what he'd already sort of selected), hardware (I love the Martha Stewart handles and knobs from Home Depot) and light fixtures (as well as the wall color, which is Collonade Grey, from Sherwin Williams). We're enjoying all the cabinet space (and room left over!) and the new appliances. There's a pantry to the left of the kitchen, too. Storage! ah!

Next is the dining area, which is the only part of the house I have started actually decorating. I knew from the beginning that I wanted a farmhouse table and some modern chairs, along with a kilim rug layered on top of a sisal. I was able to find the table and the kilim at Scott's this past weekend, and was super excited. The chairs are in the mail (more wire metal ones like the two that are in front of the table here):

 photo 783e2bf5-2fa2-4ac6-9e82-7c5a3c9b6651_zpsd5e94540.jpg

Obviously, the house still needs arranging and unpacking and stuff. Ignore the bikes in the dining area! hah. 

We also have temporary shades on all the window, as we are not sure what we're going to do about window treatments yet. So many options!

In between the living room and the kitchen is a little hallway that has an office for Jordan. I love the French doors and the little window above:

 photo F3AB7336-A527-4ACA-9AF1-290323FE10AD-2395-00000228B4CE0E1E_zps120528b6.jpg

 photo B27D7EF0-614D-4DAD-9CD9-328E64098998-2395-00000228ADCC2D75_zps68dfca24.jpg

(obviously this still needs some unpacking! I built a desk for him the other day, but the shelf I bought was too big for the office, so I have to get another one for all his stuff).

 photo f6794121-c411-4350-98a8-0cd37478ad47_zps966519e4.jpg

This is the living room. It's a really large room (It was hard to capture on my iPhone) with lots of potential! I can't wait to get new furniture in here.  I have big plans for it!

Walls in most rooms are Extra White by Sherwin Williams. I went for the blank slate with all the white! It's light, airy and a nice blank canvas for me. 

This is the half bath downstairs
 photo 15057B85-6651-437D-89F8-C36A1EB4F172-2395-000002292B0C60DB_zps38f8ed2d.jpg

Pretty cool sink, huh? The sink was made by a local concrete artist, and the glass that is mixed into the concrete was found on our property site before building began. A token of what was here before we were. I also love the wood floating counter that it's on. 

 photo ADF4A6AD-7022-4561-AEE2-469E1F83D5EE-2395-00000228A18D94E6_zps26e9cb57.jpg 
This is the hallway leading upstairs.... to the bedrooms. There are three total - a master and two others. 

 photo B6B840A9-A6E8-48A5-9432-89532B5A4A68-2395-000002287FA10584_zps18d9167b.jpg


The laundry room is up here, too. And don't worry - we got a good old fashioned Maytag top loader! Those front loading stories were scary-- thank  you guys for the input! And thank you Lisa Scurlock for the washer and dryer rec. It's great!

This is one of the bedrooms which is going to be my office:

 photo 990828DA-7F74-4E91-9DE7-1DEB8F803C8B-2395-0000022871F3A307_zpsdf79d391.jpg

(A mess right now!)

the other bedroom:

 photo 8CDAED92-1CCB-4B7E-BA59-861A2898EDFD-2395-00000228785AC42D_zps9fd2ce02.jpg

and the hallway/guest bathroom:

 photo 260A5C54-A78D-4C2C-B55F-26F2E46C186D-2395-000002286BE19961_zpsbd9c521a.jpg

I can' believe that i'm sharing it looking like this, but remember we've only been here less than a week! Here's the master:

 photo aef295d2-09c7-4f1c-a732-a6584905a109_zps114bcb68.jpg

I love the huge windows! It's a really big room, and we need a new bed, and new dressers. Ah, so much to decorate - so exciting.

And finally, the master bathroom:

 photo 6453CF86-F60A-43CB-8DC7-CB16B2332408-2395-00000228865452C5_zps67142065.jpg

I love the tub. :)

OK, that's it for now! Again, please excuse the fact that my house is not decorated and is still not unpacked!