Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Update.


As I've said, we're staying with my best friend, and yesterday we decided to rearrange her bookshelves (well, she mentioned that she'd like a little change up so I decided to go for it! I don't push my bookshelf rearranging on people. Haha) and a frame wall. 

Here is the frame wall "before". To be fair, it wasn't done! She still wanted a few things hung, so I got to it. 

 photo ce2a15be-99da-425f-a342-9486cc3f0e84_zpsdea9eb25.jpg

I left that big photograph as the anchor piece, and worked around it. Isn't that framed canvas awesome? That is her and her older brother when they were little kids. So cute!

 photo 6e785654-078b-4bb6-9aa4-09e00695ed58_zpsb0742313.jpg

And here is the after. I really just filled it in more. What do you guys think? 

Next, I rearranged these bookshelves in her living room. She got the awesome metal and glass shelves from IKEA. I love them! Her original intention was to spraypaint them gold, but she decided to leave them black and I really like them as-is -- especially against the white wall. Contrast! I might have to get some of these for the new house. 

Anyway, here is the "before" of the bookshelf:

 photo 02153ce8-c281-433a-990a-ec5c0af2b145_zps33b16201.jpg

Sometimes a change-up is just nice, ya know? I always love (as you guys know) changing things up around my house, and something small like this always makes me smile when it catches my eye. 

Here's my "after":

 photo 61866abf-dec9-40fa-b93d-cc7929c6e475_zpsa722434f.jpg

 photo 7aa33e88-a2ab-4718-8d95-c43e43a305b5_zps645bf4f6.jpg
(you'll notice in this second photo that a potted plant has been moved to the top of the shelf. Mika, our cat, has gotten comfortable at my friends, and has decided to start eating her plants. BAD BOY)

I also hung a couple of my paintings for her to foster while I am here! I think I need to move one though, because the colors might be too much for two of them to be together there. 

I did a little painting at the studio yesterday, too. If you follow me on instagram (@kristenfountaindavis) you might have seen it. 

 photo e12bf8e7-4d68-4e58-b5e5-488bad1d6e6b_zps7ff16c27.jpg

How was your weekend?


  1. very nice......just like 'your friend' :)

  2. Looks good. I love those Ikea shelves! I finally saw the rerun of your Elbow Room episode. You did great and the mural looked good. Would be curious to know if that home owner had someone come in and close in the bathroom though. She didn't look to sure about all that openness.

    1. Thank you Lyn! I have only seen it that once. I know - the openness was pretty bold! The shower, though, was really behind a partition... you wouldn't see it if you were in the bedroom, but it was definitely a little more open than I would prefer!

  3. I love how you brought the frame wall grouping down so that the top is even with the door. Makes it more intimate and cozy. Also love the shelf re-do.

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