Thursday, May 23, 2013

Red Adirondack Chairs

The other day, one of my favorite clients/people ever found some seen-better-days adirondack chairs on the side of the road in a nice neighborhood. Sara is one of those scouters - she finds the coolest antiques and vintage scores in little junk shops or on the side of the road ALL THE TIME. And her house is a perfect mix of vintage and new. Seriously. I beg her to start a blog, because it would be amazing, and the world needs to see her casa. 

Anyway, she didn't have a need for the chairs, and thought that I might want them for my new house, so she inquired and I accepted. Woo! When we move, our house will feel so empty, and there will be so many new things we'll need to purchase (yay), so it'll be nice to have at least something to sit on outside as soon as we move. 

The chairs were nice quality, but had some chipping, peeling paint:

 photo 49FB1B7D-1232-4C66-B45C-326DAE698945-711-000000E440170295_zps44641128.jpg

I used my electric hand sander to flatten and smooth out the paint chipped areas:

 photo 3CE4E9D6-28B3-435B-83FA-CD16DA298F5C-711-000000E439C9EF50_zps59ae1f56.jpg

excuse the veiny man hand. That's what happens when I'm workin'. 

I decided to paint them a bright orangey-red. I knew getting the paint in those slats would be annoying with a brush, so I used some leftover red spraypaint that I had at the studio to paint the slats and hard-to-reach places:

 photo 1DAB8E40-7860-48FC-A92B-3E6EC798B8B9-711-000000E4325E6BBA_zps2c1422ac.jpg

Then, I rolled on some outdoor oil based paint:

 photo E7028827-F802-4159-A23F-08E15BEA4F75-711-000000E4140A0A3D_zpsd25839a7.jpg

After that first coat dried, I could see where I would need to go back and prime a few areas -- where the wood was showing through. I just went back with my white oil based primer and covered those spots. The reason why, is that when you have raw wood, the finish of your paint is going to seal and dry differently than the rest of the area on your project that is painted. This way is easier than priming the whole chair (though, that would've probably been a good call. I was working on little time here, so i did it the faster way)

 photo C202D900-F2D1-4CA4-AB21-AC5EA6A2ECC9-711-000000E42377A253_zps9d632545.jpg

(brushing paint onto the little areas that needed primer)

 photo 90417F93-4C4C-4D9C-8DB4-6FC785CEB577-711-000000E41A35E6A9_zps816a0691.jpg

there's the chairs after they got their spot treatments.

Now, I just let that dry, and come back in with my second coat of red:

 photo 414D0BF5-C8FC-4032-B269-4763203EA282-711-000000E40751965E_zpse3654dc9.jpg
ta da! I love 'em. 

 photo E7028827-F802-4159-A23F-08E15BEA4F75-711-000000E4140A0A3D_zps872a13ba.jpg

Thanks a million Sara! I love the "new" chairs!



  1. Adirondack chairs are typically expensive, so what a score. Of course, the first, and real, score was having a friend like Sara who thought of you!

    I think that the very best thing about a house, new or old, are the finds that make it yours, that make it a home. I'm in the process of cleaning out the glass cabinets in our nook, off the kitchen. It's a lot of work, and something I usually dread, but yesterday, when I started the project, I decided to approach it with JOY and a good attitude and some good tunes, made all the difference. So many of the special dishes, glasses and crocks stored in those glass cabinets have meaning to me and it was fun to think back on how I acquired each of them. My best friend thought it was hystical when I got to the bowls that I originally bought for her birthday but kept for myself because "We'll, I just know that I'll love them more than you ever will." (She got a ton of other great gifts because I felt the need to overcompensate...)

    Our homes should be where our happy is and a red chair says that in spades! Destiny

    1. I know Destiny, you are so right! I can't wait to move in and make new memories! (and decorate :))

  2. Wow that's a great start! They look good in red. Alison

  3. So glad u love them! They were meant to be yours AND thank u for your super kind words! I am not worthy! :)


  4. Love the chairs! They turned out great. What a find.

    Separate, random question -- I love your shoes and can't stop thinking about them. Are they Nikes? Can you please provide details?

    Thanks! :) Erica

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