Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Faux Painted Wood

Recently, I made over a piece of furniture to resemble wood. I was pretty happy with the outcome (and am actually doing something similar today at work), and I thought I'd share.

The piece started out like this:

 photo fc9ab32d-864c-4df8-a4af-979bea07947d_zps186788f1.jpg

It was a painted white tv stand, but it was big, solid, heavy and high quality wood, so my client wanted to keep it for her tv room. The problem is that her house is full of pretty wooden doors and trim, so she wanted something that was more in the flow of the house. 

This was my inspiration photo for the faux wood:

 photo photo3-4_zpsffcdffac.jpg

I wanted to do a little bit on the darker side, but you get the idea.

To do faux painted wood, you first paint your piece with a primer that is a color similar to peanut butter. It's the color on the right in this photo:

 photo photo2-8_zps1604916d.jpg

Then, you use stain and seal (a faux painting product) to achieve the wood look. In this photo, I'd just painted it on. To achieve the look, you have to do several coats of THIN paint. Thin is key. if you brush it on thick or dry (like this photo), it won't look like wood.

This is after the first coat -- already looks like wood (the front part of the drawer. looks really similar to the REAL inside wood of the drawer):

 photo photo1-7_zpsbe12a2bc.jpg

and all done:

 photo photo1-1-3_zps4e16ded8.jpg

 photo photo5-7_zps5cfa828a.jpg

 photo photo4-7_zpsa54efd90.jpg

I also use a wood graining tool to make it magically have "knots"

 photo photo2-1-4_zpse22b7563.jpg

 photo 8a650083-ff88-42ff-9655-8ea3c74e7d61_zps176ebfbf.jpg


  1. amazing, so well done!

  2. amazing acutually...... looks great

  3. What a great piece - thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow... very very cool... that is a work of art! (despite the fact that I actually like it white better... but you did an amazing job with the faux wood grain - wow!)

  5. ok that's extremely impressive!

  6. Wow, that is incredible. What a transformation. Alison

  7. I actually saw this piece in person....and it is even more amazing than the pics! It really fits with the Craftsman-style trim of the room so much better. Great job, as always!

  8. That is an amazingly stunning transformation!! You are good! :)

  9. whaaaaaaat!? offer an online class in faux painting! (have you seen Alisa Burke's online classes?) I want to learn! :-)

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