Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cool Things I've Seen Lately.

Well, I can't find my camera cord to upload images of recent projects, so I thought I'd take the "lazy" way out, and use my camera phone pictures to show you guys some stuff I've seen lately of note. Actually, everyone always says it's lazy not to use the DSLR camera photos, but blogging is time consuming either way. Hah. It's just way more time consuming editing and uploading large file photos.

Anyway. I digress. 

 photo B95F659E-D52F-4702-9D92-AEFC5154D557-3128-000003AAC02B5051_zps296143b8.jpg

I saw this cute DIY on the Sentimentalist  and saved it for future reference. Clothespins covered with cute washi tape -- an easy DIY that is great for displaying letters, signs, flowers, etc. 

 photo 7F7FE0FA-9917-4D44-A3F7-62CE0EB9B5F5-3128-000003AB3C78DF7B_zps3f350a25.jpg

Do you see the light fixture towards the top, that is $29.99 and sort of nautical with the seeded glass? It may or may not be going in my new house :) I thought it was so cute! I couldn't believe it was only $30, and at Home Depot. It's supposed to be exterior, but I'm using it inside...

 photo 0C40A6E7-7ECE-4581-ADEB-1FC51480F0B4-3128-000003AB298A9071_zpsad5dd3ee.jpg

I'm not sure if I shared these with you guys, but about a month ago I made some earrings out of cardstock. It was fun, quick little project, and I had fun mainly coming up with new color combos! Punching holes in the paper was kind of hard, though, after you get a few layers built up.

 photo 169EEEA6-D906-4567-AE37-CDE76EE70344-3128-000003AB08AE3F99_zps0ff9565a.jpg

I saved this picture from my I-will-paint-anything partner in crime, Danika.  She did the graywash (but it's a stain, I think?) look on that wood to the left. Pretty, right? 

 photo 3B3E47C8-5381-400D-8EA3-4E4ED8C89273-3128-000003AAF270C36B_zps280bbe31.jpg

This photo is from a client. It's color inspiration for me, for a painting commission I'm working on. You know I really love that cat head poking in. Oops?

 photo DC41924A-938E-409E-9EC4-DA273809CF55-3128-000003AADF2FB9B1_zpscf129e06.jpg
I spotted this ombre wall for a friend of mine at West Elm. My friend had asked me about how she could do an ombre wall, and I figured it might be kind of hard (mainly, I think, the key would be keeping the paint wet, so that it blends and doesn't dry too fast. It'd be splotchy if it dried too quickly), but anyway, I think this picture seems like an easy ombre wall, no? 

  photo 2FDF7858-6254-4408-B997-EE1C57406C8E-3128-000003AACA2A64FA_zps1354e576.jpg

I saw this cute mint green lamp at Home Depot yesterday. I'd spraypaint that silver base gold. I think it's really cute! 

I hope you enjoyed my hodge podge photo dump. Happy Wednesday!


  1. I use my camera phone too. Maybe it's an Atlanta thing! :) Love the clothespins. Just bought some Monday to use for chip clips. Now I might phoo-phoo them up a bit.

  2. I like the ombre wall. Alison

    1. yeah it's pretty cool.. and looks pretty easy to do!

  3. I love that light, it's the first one that caught my eye when I looked at that picture. The clothespins are adorable too!

    1. good! i thought it was going to be polished nickel, but it's brushed. i still like it anyway!

  4. All these great ideas! Hey, last summer we installed those Home Depot lights outside on our house. I like the bubbly glass. Have fun putting them inside...

    1. that's awesome! it's such a cute light fixture - especially for good ol' home depot!

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