Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Around the Studio...

After work yesterday, I went to the studio to meet a client for a drop off, and did a little painting. I thought I'd snap a few photos of the paintings I have been working on there. 

 photo e48838a7-07da-467b-9caf-31595bac9380_zps73c7c108.jpg

A painting sitting on top of a dresser I painted a long time ago. 

I made a "Vine" video of myself working on a mini painting. I used the floor as my palette. The whole floor is really covered in paint anyway, so at this point, who cares! haha. Do you guys have a vine account? Mine is "kristen fountain davis" if you care to follow me. 

It's weird how the vine video gives a better representation of color than the actual photos. I hate that my photos always misrepresent the colors in my paintings. 

 photo 32D42F47-50CB-40E2-8172-7FE85EE8E25E-4517-0000047F9CE35B4B_zps779d3d0a.jpg

 photo 76cf2a00-7dbe-437f-9da3-34c981bdeb95_zpsbbd26737.jpg

I laughed when I took this. Floor & painting in progress. which is which?

 photo 847b97d8-e227-4363-966d-72ae71ad6b28_zpsfbb375cc.jpg


  1. I love your work--everything you do looks good, even your floor!

    1. oh thank you! I really appreciate it. These are mostly all works in progress, but im so happy you like what i've done so far :)

  2. I love your abstract art. I like painting but just can't trust myself to be abstract.

  3. I like the dresser! Alison

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