Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Faux Painted Wood

Recently, I made over a piece of furniture to resemble wood. I was pretty happy with the outcome (and am actually doing something similar today at work), and I thought I'd share.

The piece started out like this:

 photo fc9ab32d-864c-4df8-a4af-979bea07947d_zps186788f1.jpg

It was a painted white tv stand, but it was big, solid, heavy and high quality wood, so my client wanted to keep it for her tv room. The problem is that her house is full of pretty wooden doors and trim, so she wanted something that was more in the flow of the house. 

This was my inspiration photo for the faux wood:

 photo photo3-4_zpsffcdffac.jpg

I wanted to do a little bit on the darker side, but you get the idea.

To do faux painted wood, you first paint your piece with a primer that is a color similar to peanut butter. It's the color on the right in this photo:

 photo photo2-8_zps1604916d.jpg

Then, you use stain and seal (a faux painting product) to achieve the wood look. In this photo, I'd just painted it on. To achieve the look, you have to do several coats of THIN paint. Thin is key. if you brush it on thick or dry (like this photo), it won't look like wood.

This is after the first coat -- already looks like wood (the front part of the drawer. looks really similar to the REAL inside wood of the drawer):

 photo photo1-7_zpsbe12a2bc.jpg

and all done:

 photo photo1-1-3_zps4e16ded8.jpg

 photo photo5-7_zps5cfa828a.jpg

 photo photo4-7_zpsa54efd90.jpg

I also use a wood graining tool to make it magically have "knots"

 photo photo2-1-4_zpse22b7563.jpg

 photo 8a650083-ff88-42ff-9655-8ea3c74e7d61_zps176ebfbf.jpg

Monday, May 27, 2013

Our New House.

I hope you all had a great day, and are going to have a great holiday, today. I'm actually working, myself, but I am looking forward to it. The time has almost come for us to move into our new house (next week!), so I thought I'd finally share a few photos of it. I'll give a better "tour" once we're all moved in (it's still finishing up being built), but this is a little snippet of photos from my phone that I have taken during the process. 

 photo 769ea5a1-0c7c-4d8a-b3ce-c695748b26bd_zps2461a10c.jpg

Here is the kitchen (obviously). We got into buying this house during the building process, so I was able to pick out quite a few of the finishes. The cabinet doors and drawers were already picked out, but basically everything else I could customize. That left me with the backsplash, countertops, light fixtures, faucet (thanks to Pfister on that one! More to come for you guys, there. Stay tuned - giveaway ahead!), floor stain, wall color, and door color. Fun stuff. You know I was having a blast with picking those items out. 

 photo 9f0808e5-b770-4b34-a45c-aa54875039df_zps5aa8ab4f.jpg
(I also selected the pulls and knobs, which I'm super excited about. They're from the Martha Stewart line at Home Depot)

The wall color is a gray that has a hint of brown in it. I wanted it to have some brown, because of the kitchen cabinets. It might have a little too much brown, but whatever. I like it!

 photo 0e20a37d-39ea-4f07-b1c2-7f19200f6178_zps27131625.jpg

This is the master bathroom. All the finishes were basically already selected before we came in on this one, but I really like them. I did, however, select the light fixtures. I really like the modern feel to this house. It's something that I didnt know that I wanted, but I truly love. How cool is that tub?!?

I did have the window sashes painted dark - I really like that, too. You'll notice I had practically the whole house painted white as well. A blank canvas!

 photo 79c263f5-fd62-4762-8a46-f89a9864f331_zps75205d5c.jpg

And this is the hallway, going downstairs. Obviously, the trim isn't installed, and the floors were just stained. Handrails were just put in, too. I love the light fixture in our hallway (i picked that one out too). It's from West Elm. A nod to my love of all things '60's/'70's! The window is nice here too, I think. Our new house has really great natural light - something I'm excited about. 

OK, that's it for now! I'm super-super-super excited to move in, and start decorating and living here. It will be 5 weeks of homelessness, once we move in - can you believe it? It's actually been fun, living with my sweet friend who let us stay with her. We're out of her house now, and staying with parents for the remaining time.

Have a great Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mycolor Blog Post

I blogged this morning for Mycolor, and I just wanted to let you guys know so you could check it out!

 photo c5307e82-8b7a-4088-94c6-50a72ae24aa8_zpsaf07e5b4.jpg

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Red Adirondack Chairs

The other day, one of my favorite clients/people ever found some seen-better-days adirondack chairs on the side of the road in a nice neighborhood. Sara is one of those scouters - she finds the coolest antiques and vintage scores in little junk shops or on the side of the road ALL THE TIME. And her house is a perfect mix of vintage and new. Seriously. I beg her to start a blog, because it would be amazing, and the world needs to see her casa. 

Anyway, she didn't have a need for the chairs, and thought that I might want them for my new house, so she inquired and I accepted. Woo! When we move, our house will feel so empty, and there will be so many new things we'll need to purchase (yay), so it'll be nice to have at least something to sit on outside as soon as we move. 

The chairs were nice quality, but had some chipping, peeling paint:

 photo 49FB1B7D-1232-4C66-B45C-326DAE698945-711-000000E440170295_zps44641128.jpg

I used my electric hand sander to flatten and smooth out the paint chipped areas:

 photo 3CE4E9D6-28B3-435B-83FA-CD16DA298F5C-711-000000E439C9EF50_zps59ae1f56.jpg

excuse the veiny man hand. That's what happens when I'm workin'. 

I decided to paint them a bright orangey-red. I knew getting the paint in those slats would be annoying with a brush, so I used some leftover red spraypaint that I had at the studio to paint the slats and hard-to-reach places:

 photo 1DAB8E40-7860-48FC-A92B-3E6EC798B8B9-711-000000E4325E6BBA_zps2c1422ac.jpg

Then, I rolled on some outdoor oil based paint:

 photo E7028827-F802-4159-A23F-08E15BEA4F75-711-000000E4140A0A3D_zpsd25839a7.jpg

After that first coat dried, I could see where I would need to go back and prime a few areas -- where the wood was showing through. I just went back with my white oil based primer and covered those spots. The reason why, is that when you have raw wood, the finish of your paint is going to seal and dry differently than the rest of the area on your project that is painted. This way is easier than priming the whole chair (though, that would've probably been a good call. I was working on little time here, so i did it the faster way)

 photo C202D900-F2D1-4CA4-AB21-AC5EA6A2ECC9-711-000000E42377A253_zps9d632545.jpg

(brushing paint onto the little areas that needed primer)

 photo 90417F93-4C4C-4D9C-8DB4-6FC785CEB577-711-000000E41A35E6A9_zps816a0691.jpg

there's the chairs after they got their spot treatments.

Now, I just let that dry, and come back in with my second coat of red:

 photo 414D0BF5-C8FC-4032-B269-4763203EA282-711-000000E40751965E_zpse3654dc9.jpg
ta da! I love 'em. 

 photo E7028827-F802-4159-A23F-08E15BEA4F75-711-000000E4140A0A3D_zps872a13ba.jpg

Thanks a million Sara! I love the "new" chairs!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Star Stenciled Ceiling

As you know, last week, I worked on a star stenciled ceiling for a nursery project. My client wanted the feel of Osbourne & Little's star wallpaper, without the hassle of actual wallpaper. I have to admit that I was a little nervous about the painstaking part of this project (back aches! Neck aches! Math!), but it actually wasn't bad at all. I think that I have figured out how to tackle these types of projects at this point (after my ceiling striping from a few years ago!), so things come a little quicker to me now. Live and learn, ya know!?

I made a stencil:

 photo d1ed4a1e-ea91-4b1d-a284-7558636af1c1_zpseee60237.jpg

and got to it:

 photo 2DAC59A2-C463-4EDE-8223-AAD5489BB317-7129-0000067544E1CD7D_zpseae0ad11.jpg

The actual stenciling part wasn't bad at all. The measuring for where the stars should go was the hard part. I made a grid on the ceiling with measuring tapes and a yardstick, and was able to place my stars precisely that way. It took me about a day and a half/two days to finish. 

in this photo, you can still see my lines: 

 photo 19e40129-7741-4c0c-bc9f-0a292feea37d_zps53bc973e.jpg

 photo 683B9060-F548-4D2F-813E-EC6B904819A7-7129-00000675343126CE_zpsd669babb.jpg

in the works!

and, done:

 photo 7946672e-cf19-4a4e-b0f9-a75602a16cf6_zpsdf395357.jpg

 photo b7c5cf27-96a9-4259-b674-3a04cfc486dd_zps7939673d.jpg

 photo 37E30EC1-25BC-4AE2-A0B9-48EA1487C8EA-412-000000D8D8E8F0FE_zps4b808ad5.jpg

 photo 3fdc3595-43db-4f68-8fa8-fd9dc8ed05c5_zps3c1307ef.jpg

 photo f0a06921-0a05-4af9-ae06-b94ac14eaaf2_zpsd265c015.jpg

What do you guys think? I have to say - I really like it, and I am trying to decide where I can do this in my own new house :) 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Photo Dump


I hope you all had a great weekend. I just thought I'd throw some photos at ya from the ol iPhone and my life, lately.

I've been so busy with working, but I need to upload new photos for you guys to show you what I've been up to. We are still living with my friend, but set to move into a new home two weeks from today. I can't wait to share more about it with you guys soon. I'm really excited!

 photo 4eef5d36-d3b5-4011-b52b-01a219a42b3e_zps59f20091.jpg

This  was a project from last week. Stay tuned for more pics of this project, but it was a fun one for a bedroom of cute little boy/girl twins who are around 3. They were so cute to work for, and they loved their new tree. Couldn't have asked for better reactions from them. It makes it so much more fun when you have nice clients that love what you're doing!

 photo 58046381-C043-4B5E-81A6-93AD8901A6CC-776-000000FB315A2831_zpsb7d1beae.jpg

This was from a store up in Roswell that I visited when I was headed to a paint supply store last week. I thought these salvaged piece light fixtures were so cool! 

I feel bad because I don't remember the name of the store I saw them in. It was near downtown Roswell (Georgia), and it was in a space that was half gallery (With some really, really beautiful pieces of art), half home decor.

This photo, I stole from Jennifer Baggett  who I helped out a little with her project from Room Service Atlanta. I just wrote out some inspirational quotes for a gallery wall she and her partner are doing, and they framed and hung them last week. I can't wait to see how their room turns out!

 photo 5C381B49-2790-4B27-BC4F-0124D0EAC322-776-000000FB231457F0_zps5fdcc19a.jpg

 photo B0619563-27A8-4303-A742-8667652ED27C-776-000000FAFE5F2D8B_zpscdbba055.jpg

These were a couple of rings I picked up yesterday at Madewell. I'm a sucker for unique jewelry. I love them!

last but not least, it wouldn't be a photo dump without a picture of my cat. Here he is, saying his morning prayers:

 photo CDB70DCB-C91E-43BA-B9D8-54B5FF5994C4-776-000000FB18BDE541_zpsd4feee61.jpg

Oh! And I'm now working with Pfister as a personal style assistant, to help with kitchen design. Visit their contest for a chance to win $1000 from them!

the end! i'll be back soon with paint-y projects and new-house pictures!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Progress on Ceiling Stenciling

I am in the middle of painting stars on a nursery ceiling, and I thought I'd share a few photos of the progress so far... I'll finish it up today. 

 photo 72b27a21-fd3e-4081-b9e9-d266affac344_zps41d6f0a5.jpg

Here is the Osbourne & Little paper that my client loved. She thought about papering the ceiling, but knew that with the time put into that, it would be really difficult to get down when she eventually tired of it in the future. Plus, with paint, we are able to customize the colors for her baby's nursery. 

Here's my stencil making process...

 photo d1ed4a1e-ea91-4b1d-a284-7558636af1c1_zpseee60237.jpg

On the ceiling, ready to start:

 photo 2DAC59A2-C463-4EDE-8223-AAD5489BB317-7129-0000067544E1CD7D_zpseae0ad11.jpg

In progress:

 photo 19e40129-7741-4c0c-bc9f-0a292feea37d_zps53bc973e.jpg

 photo 683B9060-F548-4D2F-813E-EC6B904819A7-7129-00000675343126CE_zpsd669babb.jpg

What do you think so far?

The nursery is looking so great. I wanted to show you a couple of pictures of pieces around the room. The room is being designed by my friend and designer, Heather Hogan Roberts

 photo B6FED539-D3F6-4311-9247-90AFABA59A99-7129-000006751B8BA48F_zps57659408.jpg

(obviously, all the furniture is pushed to one side of the room, because I am painting on the other side, but you can get a feel for the prettiness.

 photo 217D300D-F840-4375-A179-06F5D453EB8A-7129-0000067738A0980D_zps7c059c92.jpg

and you know these Jonathan Adler sconces are my favorite part!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rumble In the Jungle Mural

A couple of weeks ago, I painted a mural in a room for a little boy, based on the childrens' book "Rumble In The Jungle." It was really fun to paint, and my clients were really happy with the outcome. Yesss!

 photo 44ce4b85-ee89-43b9-9dea-298d815b41b9_zpsab81dd95.jpg
Here is a photo of the book. My client really wanted to keep with the feel of the illustrations in the book, and I tried to do just that. 

 photo da65b1e7-22d5-4daf-94ab-8bb2dbbb1117_zpsf56cdcba.jpg

 photo 22d67a2d-535d-43b2-9f85-9525dbadb390_zpsfd22a2b4.jpg

 photo 461a1290-7662-44e0-8637-70b9d89bc462_zps266f61dd.jpg

 photo IMG_1274_zpsc4a3cc62.jpg

She wanted to make the snake a  little less "scary" than the one in the book, so I made him a little friendlier :)

 photo b4a4e0e8-932a-45ef-a4c7-43bad51d4ec7_zps4ec5110a.jpg

 photo 7bc03176-413a-4d5f-831c-4ccfdf20aece_zps8bb33e75.jpg

 photo d57bf404-8a87-4a4e-8f52-2b0e00eef17b_zps797d1204.jpg