Friday, April 12, 2013


It's Friday! Woo! 

I'm wrapping up a week of exhausting paint projects (I spent all day Tuesday painting the fence at Escorpion, and let's just say that I was getting up from sitting on the ground, or leaning over the whole day to paint an iron fence in a distressed look, and my back and body are killing me! Then, yesterday I painted a ceiling. These old bones, yeesh), and I'm glad it's the weekend! 

I wanted to wrap up today with showing you guys little peeks at the Mycolor Paint Party, and all the work the cool bloggers that participated in that did. I organized the event, and I'm so happy with how all their projects turned out (and thankful to them for participating).

 photo DSC_2161_zps9033a74d.jpg

 photo c7d63010-6c68-4658-a3b5-cf7c8a01163b_zps94cfa41f.jpg

 photo 7e2922f8-2d68-446c-a1fb-ad7151d6c7a8_zpsf4f02dd8.jpg

 photo 4dca8591-2a04-450f-994e-44bb4b5acb49_zpsa3ed2790.jpg

and finally, 
 photo 243b9dc4-ab7d-4204-bf50-669c282e9acc_zpsa39f465a.jpg

I hope you all enjoyed, and entered the contest for chances to win free paint! Have a wonderful weekend. 


  1. Wow - these are all amazing and make me feel like a total slacker.

    1. haha... hilarious. you should totally try one or two out!!

  2. Happy weekend to you! And me. haha... Alison

  3. These projects are amazing! What a cool event you organized. Hope you get lots of time this weekend to relax. :)

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