Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Starry Sky Nursery

First, I want to say that all my thoughts go out to Boston and those victims and family members affected by yesterday's tragedy. So sad and senseless. It feels a little silly to talk about design during a time like this, but hopefully it can be a little bright spot amongst all the sadness. 


Last week, I painted the nursery of a client of Sherry Hart's. The baby boy was born a few months ago, and Sherry and the client are putting the finishing touches on now. It's looking so cute! 

They commissioned me to paint some whimsical stars on the ceiling -- sporadic and watercolory. Sherry picked a pretty reddish-orange, and I painted them in with water and paint. 

 photo 754cd805-9618-4337-94f9-3cb6d8f084c2_zps052882e6.jpg

She just asked me to place the stars randomly around the ceiling. I wasn't filling in the whole room, just sort of sprinkling them -- I did one smallish one sort of away from the others, over the crib, to give the baby boy something to look at! I thought it was cute and sort of fun for it to be a little "off"

Other side of the room:

 photo abe05d5e-e12b-4737-a4f4-6a3b2209577d_zps0b7d075b.jpg

 photo 50050112-5eab-4bfb-b380-8dd9c40ca0f9_zps82df8fd0.jpg

 photo 717f6539-5bb1-4152-9413-62b18159dfff_zps3a81216f.jpg

 photo fd55fc7c-ad40-4c9c-adc2-62a16eed93e5_zpsbde35060.jpg


  1. The stars are very pretty. I am sure the baby will love it. I am not too sure about that big picture in top of the crib. As the child grows he will try to reach it. The same for the standing lamp. Also those long curtains. A small child could reach it and pull it down. When decorating a room for a child, safety should be a priority. As this child grows the mother would need to make some changes in this room. I am not a decorator but I know how to keep a safety home for a child after rearing tree myself. Sorry, just an observation.

    1. Thanks! He is just a little baby now, and I know that his parents love him and will keep his room safe for him as he grows and becomes mobile!

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