Thursday, April 11, 2013

Scissors Sister

Remember that band? The Scissor Sisters? I loved them. Are they still around? Maybe. I need to look into it. That disco crazy music made me happy. And so did this video:

 I remember standing inside my house on Moreland avenue in college, and seeing this video for the first time at like 2am, and going nuts because I really loved the song. Remember when MTV played a lot of videos?


I was trying to be creative with my post title, which never happens. But! I painted a fun scissor themed wall last week, that I've been excited to share with you guys. I was commissioned to paint this for a hair salon. The designer told me exactly what she wanted, and she told me that I interpreted in the exact way that she was expecting. Gotta love when that happens. 

Here we go!

 photo 7d244ef8-3cb1-4878-b608-e14c72a2ebe2_zps49bdfbc1.jpg

I created this stencil like I make all my stencils. I drew out the pattern on paper, then traced it onto clear acetate, then cut it out with a razor.

We wanted the scissors to have an old fashioned feel, so I gave them a little twirly whirly embellishment. 

 photo 31700c8e-a54e-424d-bed4-97d2a0b75610_zps3227a697.jpg

 photo 20db8e2d-0887-4566-b177-127b750451fc_zpsbdbe4214.jpg

 photo cdac029b-b533-4282-8cb8-61de097a7ebc_zps66a59301.jpg


  1. Love how it turned out and enjoyed working with you Kristen! Hope to call you for another project soon. Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for commenting - it was great meeting you for this project, and I can't wait to work together again on the future! I'll be getting your quote for the paintings together and over soon!

  2. this is one of my favorite things you've done! so simple, yet so cool and unique! Can I ask a dumb question? Where do you buy acetate? does it adhere to the wall so that you can reuse it?

    I've been using clear contact paper, and it only works so so before I have to recreate the stencil.

    1. Thank you, Valerie! It was one of my favorites, too. I actually buy my stenciling supplies at Sam Flax. And I actually said it wrong -- I use Mylar, usually. And yes, it's reusable. It's not sticky, so I can reuse it, but I do use a spray adhesive so that it sticks and then peels off. I reapply the adhesive a few times throughout the process, to keep the lines crisp!

  3. I LOVE this stencil! I would do this in mi casa.

  4. This turned out so great! Saw your picture of it on instagram.

  5. Your salon theme is very unique and simple. White and yellow color combination is awesome. Salon will be look nice after apply this theme. Nice job.

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