Monday, April 29, 2013

All Moved Out.

 photo 4d14c92f-3b81-40cf-b1da-27e0f7e57109_zps71c502d9.jpg

It's empty! It's funny; to us it felt smaller all empty than with all our furniture in it. 

 photo ac567dd6-e3e7-44e1-a92a-ca1974b7f17a_zps128df0a7.jpg

It was crazy moving out. Why does it always take longer than you think it will? We are putting all of our stuff in storage for now, so that was adding an extra little bit of stress to the event, but we are all done. After we moved, I had to clean the whole house with a deep clean, so I didn't finish until about 8 o clock Friday night. Tomorrow, we close on the condo. Good bye little condo! It's a little bittersweet, ya know? My best friend is sweet enough to let us stay with her for now. 

 photo 9bd0061b-18d2-4504-89d5-854f7902ddc5_zps0032dee9.jpg
here's Jordan, driving the big rental bus/van thingie. It was funny. 

Anyway, just wanted to check in, and let you all know what was up! I'll be back with more normal design stuff soon. :)


  1. Tipping my champagne glass right now, saying a toast to you! Looking forward to hearing about your new place. I am very happy for you guys! Alison

    1. Thank you Alison!!! We are super super excited! Can't wait to move in :)

  2. Bittersweet. Just think of all the fun you will have in your new place!

    1. i know! the new place will be amazing for hang outs - unlike the condo, so that is really great to look forward to. can't wait to have people over now!

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