Friday, March 15, 2013

Mycolor Blog Post & A Little Housekeeping


It's Friday. Yay.

I wanted to let you know that I blogged at Mycolor -- please check it out, leave a comment, and let me know what you think! This project was all about a table/chair makeover I did.

It's been a good, busy week. Lots of condo-selling/buying news, so hopefully Ill have some good updates for you guys soon on that. I also finally was able to pick one of these up:

 photo 8094e856-f537-4112-8611-4e37139cf5c5_zpsb0ae353b.jpg

...thats my mug (in front of a mural I painted), in the recent issue of "The Atlantan" magazine (March issue). For some reason, they take forever to hit newsstands. I was super-impatient, and went to my Barnes and Noble like three times looking for it! Hah! It can be very nerve wracking to have a photoshoot and not know what they're going to use, you know? Probably sounds vain. I was just curious about the whole thing, and was happy to get to see it "in real life". :) And I like it! Jimmy Johnston was the photographer, and we got along well. Thanks, Jimmy!

Also, I drew the winner for my Printcopia giveaway. It was Jordan, and she was excited to win. I wrote down all the names, and my husband drew the name out of a hat. Old school, dude. It was fun doing a giveaway, hopefully I can do more of them in the future.

Last but not least, my house is being featured today on 6th Street Design school! I love reading Kirsten's blog, so I was excited when she emailed me and asked about showing off my home on her's. Go HERE to check it out!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Hopefully, wherever you are, you are getting some spring-time hits of weather, like we are in Atlanta?!


  1. Nice to see your reply to my comment on the previous post. I will leave you a comment more often! You have a great weekend also, and Spring has sprung here and I am thankful....Alison

  2. Ok, so I'm one of those poeple that never leaves a comment even though it is bothersome that people don't leave them on my blog... yeah...that's me (hypocrate right??!!) But I do LOOOOVE Your works of ART!!!. Just thougth you should know that I follow your blog and read it EVERYTIME you post! then I hop on over to MY Color and check it you out there too. Not a stalker, just showing support! I even use the same paint, so why I wouldnt comment is beyond me. Heck I even tried to make my own stencil. Ridiculous, I konw. So now you got more than you bargained for. I'll be around, finding inspiration from you!!-
    Rita (in Texas) :)

  3. Thank you again for hosting the giveaway! I'm so excited. Yay for old fashioned hat picking!!!

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