Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hi guys...

Just wanted to show you some of what I've been up to via iPhone photos...

 photo 73177D7C-B360-4793-9485-19C3EFE015A2-2470-0000025C26E3DBF6_zpsd8ac200f.jpg

I moved my "Goodnight Moon" painting from the studio to my shelf for now. I'll be happy if it wants to live with me for a while.

 photo DFACC7B4-C248-44FD-B5C5-E7769EA63C14-2470-0000025C2BBE00F4_zps5f361d21.jpg

This is a framed out version of a painting I'm in the works with at the studio:
 photo ca5b0e11-e829-4ecf-8534-0513fd76b9c8_zpsacdb7afa.jpg

(using the "Afterlight" app) It's not done, but I'm loving my new springy color palette. Pretending like it's warm out, while it's actually in the 30's most days.

 photo C3C8BD41-F6BB-4DAC-9575-1AB7EA577F7E-2436-00000259CE06D9DF_zps0968808c.jpg

aaand, cat make up bag. you know you want one, too!

in other animal news, I saw this the other day while I was driving to Home Depot:
 photo 599407ED-A219-4EF7-8F6C-2A15D71583E6-2436-000002598621B88F_zps57999391.jpg


 photo C625FC1C-D4F9-4685-AF58-0A7AE089C98C-2436-000002597F4B964F_zpsc7dc2800.jpg

new paints!

(new paints make a world of difference in my inspiration brain. all I want to do when I buy them is paint, paint, paint. I'm having a blast with the canvas work!)

that's all for now! hope you guys didn't mind reading my pointless post about nothing. carry on!


  1. I'm loving what I can see of your new painting. Can't wait to see the final product.

  2. ashley - thank you! i'm excited to list them soon.

  3. hannah- hehehe the cat bag is from forever 21! $7!

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