Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Green And White Handpainted Trellis Wall


I painted this little girl's "big girl" room last week. I forgot to bring my "real" camera (arg!), so these photos are from my phone. 

It's "stenciled", but I should probably stop using that term for my patterned walls, because for the most part, they're usually not stenciled. I usually create templates, then I paint from them. It's hard to describe, but basically each pattern is hand painted. This has been one of my most popular patterns, and it's been fun to do it in a number of different colorways. 

Here it is in spring-y green and white!

 photo d4e282bc-aabb-422f-a53d-367da629667f_zps294dd3a2.jpg

(from my Instagram account, where my handle is kristenfountaindavis, if you care to follow)

 photo 726d6173-bf0d-4c59-927a-1eb0272f2d13_zps33dfee54.jpg

 photo c382f0dd-4f19-4f7c-807a-51a8dfaf7416_zps4c3d31ff.jpg

up on the ladder, before I finished it:
 photo 8E816555-D7D9-45FD-B6F0-419C547C495E-10935-00000A2D094788DA_zps5d2ce3ac.jpg

Here it is, in a few other colors I've done in the past:
 photo IMG_8737.jpg

 photo 7C79F5DC-800D-4698-B50E-B2C15E01505B-468-0000010E1096F189.jpg

 photo IMG_9229.jpg


  1. I love this pattern. I really like when it is done in a paint with the sheen to it. It is simple and beautiful. Some stencils can be so busy/overwhelming.

  2. this is not a stencil? handpainted? very impressive, looks amazing!

  3. I like your all room color combination. All are unmatchable and beautiful. I have no words... just i saw and sawww! Nice work.

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