Friday, March 29, 2013

Mycolor Blog Post

Well, another week has come and gone. I am off today to finish a cabinet job that I will have pictures of on Monday... but for now, please head over to the Mycolor blog, where I blogged about a Nautical Nursery I painted. 

 photo IMG_9633-1.jpg

have a great weekend! 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bertoia Chairs + Seat Pads

I was thinking about what I wanted to write about today, and I decided to touch on something I never really talked about... The knockoff Bertoia Chairs that I bought off of Amazon. It's almost a year later, and I still really love them. They add such a great sense of modernity to our space, and I think that when we move, I will buy a few more of them, and have my friend Shane create a farmhouse style table to go with them. I love the idea of that modern and rustic feel together. That, combined with a cute kilim rug, will make my little heart very happy! It's the little things. I canNOT wait to have a new house to decorate! I really plan to blog about renovations and decorating a lot, once that time comes. I've missed having little projects around the house. 

Anyway, back to the chairs. Here is a link to the vendor I bought them from. They were $99/each. They only came in a chrome finish at the time. On some sites you can find them in black powdercoat, which would've been better, but I had great luck with just priming, then spraypainting my chrome finished ones black. I think the black creates a much cooler silhouette, especially against my white walls! 

 photo IMG_0349.jpg

 photo IMG_0354.jpg

The only complaint I had about them, was that the little seat cushions they came with did NOTHING for you. I use this little breakfast nook as my desk in the mornings and evenings, and doing work here on the computer was very painful! I found these (in black) cushions from World Market to be a much better alternative. They're just the right height to keep you from having to sit on hard metal. 

 photo IMG_0352.jpg

Another cute idea would to be to use a faux lambskin on each chair! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hi guys...

Just wanted to show you some of what I've been up to via iPhone photos...

 photo 73177D7C-B360-4793-9485-19C3EFE015A2-2470-0000025C26E3DBF6_zpsd8ac200f.jpg

I moved my "Goodnight Moon" painting from the studio to my shelf for now. I'll be happy if it wants to live with me for a while.

 photo DFACC7B4-C248-44FD-B5C5-E7769EA63C14-2470-0000025C2BBE00F4_zps5f361d21.jpg

This is a framed out version of a painting I'm in the works with at the studio:
 photo ca5b0e11-e829-4ecf-8534-0513fd76b9c8_zpsacdb7afa.jpg

(using the "Afterlight" app) It's not done, but I'm loving my new springy color palette. Pretending like it's warm out, while it's actually in the 30's most days.

 photo C3C8BD41-F6BB-4DAC-9575-1AB7EA577F7E-2436-00000259CE06D9DF_zps0968808c.jpg

aaand, cat make up bag. you know you want one, too!

in other animal news, I saw this the other day while I was driving to Home Depot:
 photo 599407ED-A219-4EF7-8F6C-2A15D71583E6-2436-000002598621B88F_zps57999391.jpg


 photo C625FC1C-D4F9-4685-AF58-0A7AE089C98C-2436-000002597F4B964F_zpsc7dc2800.jpg

new paints!

(new paints make a world of difference in my inspiration brain. all I want to do when I buy them is paint, paint, paint. I'm having a blast with the canvas work!)

that's all for now! hope you guys didn't mind reading my pointless post about nothing. carry on!

Monday, March 25, 2013

My New Hobby: Calligraphy

Hi, guys. How was your weekend?!

Mine was pretty great. It was cold and rainy here in Atlanta, (Where are you, Spring?) but we still managed to have some fun, anyway. 

Recently, I decided to pick up calligraphy as a hobby. You know how you see all these cute invitations with funky, scrolly, whirly twirly cursive? Well, I wanted to learn how to do it. I've always loved fonts/lettering/writing, and I feel like I have a grasp on non-cursive lettering, but cursive has just not been my game. I looked into calligraphy classes, but after realizing that I'd have to take three levels of calligraphy to grasp the type of calligraphy I wanted to learn (which is something like an informal Copperplate), I decided to just try it out first, to see how it went without formal training. 

 photo cdc2d2ae-580e-45be-96d8-37971bb51e89_zpse19669f3.jpg

I bought a starter pen kit (C) at Sam Flax (a Speedball set, with 6 different nibs), two different kinds of sketchbook/notepad things (one was gridded, and one was blank), and some black india ink. I watched a few Youtube videos, just to see how the pen was held, and what the flow was like, and also pinned a bunch of inspirational photos on Pinterest to reference while I was practicing. The guy I watched on Youtube (Of course I can't find it now to show you guys him!) had a lot more give in his nib, which looks like way more fun, but I still was able to get pretty swirly and twirly with my lettering. I'm sure in a class setting, I would learn to able to control my pen better, and keep it from splattering (SO annoying -- if you have done calligraphy and have advice on how to avoid this, please tell!), but I figure I will learn in time. 

In the mean time, it's a fun hobby to try out, and I'm sure I will learn more as I go. At first, my lettering was not pretty, but once I got rid of the gridded paper (let's face it, I don't do well with rules like that, haha) I was much happier. 

Here's one of my first attempts at my own name/address:
 photo 6701A429-6449-4D29-A240-85AA7C19FD55-19063-000010C693A6C278_zps6f9bff58.jpg

not great. As time went on, I learned a little bit more about controlling my pen, and also letting go of the sense that I had to be on a straight line. This makes it easier. Also, I decided to start adding to the thickness of my line in some areas, which creates interest and a little visual weight to certain letters, like the first letter of each name, street, etc. 

a little better..

 photo F690666A-3F22-43ED-A2E3-EC10207D6E68-19063-000010C685CD9816_zpsfb36b115.jpg

(this is a friend's name. i was just looking out for anything and everything to write, and posting some stuff on instagram. She asked me to write out her name/address, so I did. :) )

And clearly, when I was having a little more fun with it, I wrote out Mika's legal name (hah)

 photo 31C64ECE-AB88-4900-823C-BDE368A069A8-19063-000010C6761BAFF6_zps60e65a39.jpg

 photo 0ddac366-3264-45ea-a31d-5b45e6b7fc42_zpsbad31572.jpg
 a little graffiti-esque, no? I just made a lot of the lines way thicker with my pen by going back after I was finished writing it out. 

Anyway... I certainly haven't mastered it, but I feel way better about where I was, and teaching myself more and more about it. I have always loved doodling and drawing, and I need to incorporate that more into my daily life and even work. I'd love to get more into illustration. 

I also would love to go to some open drawing nights, if any of you know anywhere to go. I want to do some figure drawing. Any suggestions from any of you fellow ATL folk?!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Mycolor Inspired by Pantone Paint blog post, and new paintings for sale

Hi, everybody! It's Friday, wooo!

I wanted to let you know that, as usual, I blogged over at the Mycolor Inspired by Pantone Paints blog. We will be doing another "Paint Party" coming up soon, so get ready for some giveaways and eye candy. This will go down the first week in April. By the way, I wanted to mention, that if you have used Mycolor paint in the past, and have done a cool project with it, please send it to me! I'd love to feature it on the blog or on our Facebook page

this is a preview of a painting I'm working on at the studio right now...

 photo b3db5758-18ea-420f-9dfa-5e842d4d60dd_zpsd97c1cf4.jpg

oh, and don't forget, if you are looking for some handpainted artwork, I still have two paintings available in my etsy shop :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Two New Paintings For Sale!

hey folks!

OK, I listed my paintings for sale, in my Etsy shop. I am really happy with how they came out, and as usual, I want to keep them. I know it sounds silly, but when you spend such time contemplating something, and making brushstrokes, then erasing brush strokes, then completely starting over, then doing something you are happy with, you get attached! And, art is so personal... it's easy to feel like it's a part of you (sounds super-cheesy, but it's true). Anyway, I hope you guys like my new paintings, and I hope whoever they end up living with loves them.

First one is called "Painting One":
 photo 534F3156-75D4-46FB-89BB-7D7292F4B3F5-13314-00000BDFDBCD6611_zps97258c47.jpg

This is just a photo from my iPhone, but it was giving me better color representation than my nice camera. Weird, huh? I used corals, tangerines, mustards, mint green, hunter green, white, pinks, etc, to make this girl. She is inspired by some of my favorite springy colors this year, and I think she's super-happy. I could just picture it hanging in a baby's nursery or somewhere that just needs a dose of sunshine. It's 20" x 20"

Up next, is "Goodnight Moon". Simply because all of that orangey red reminds me of the book.

 photo 28df3abd-fedf-49fc-9014-82cd8b498ebd_zps6d823002.jpg

Listed HERE.

This one is mainly reddish-orange, mint, cobalt blue, gold leaf, coral and a little hunter green. Its 18x18.

Here they are hanging out together at my studio:
 photo 427e1a58-82d0-4d2e-98c3-b0746a21de4e_zpsf6c1b151.jpg

 photo 105eaab2-f546-427c-bc18-df54dc0b9888_zps945c707c.jpg

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I FINALLY finished three paintings at the studio yesterday. These canvases have been giving me trouble, and I think I conquered them. 

  photo 105eaab2-f546-427c-bc18-df54dc0b9888_zps945c707c.jpg

I had a hard time capturing photos of them yesterday, because it was getting dark outside when I was taking these photos. I'm going to reshoot them in the next couple of days, then I will be posting them for sale in my etsy shop.

I mainly focus on color combinations when I'm doing these paintings... Right now, I'm loving minty green, corals, orangey-reds, neon pinks and this royal blue. The background of the painting on the left is mint green, but it looks sort of white here. I even used a little gold leaf, too. 

Excited to really share these with you guys tomorrow or Friday! Have a great Wednesday... 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Green And White Handpainted Trellis Wall


I painted this little girl's "big girl" room last week. I forgot to bring my "real" camera (arg!), so these photos are from my phone. 

It's "stenciled", but I should probably stop using that term for my patterned walls, because for the most part, they're usually not stenciled. I usually create templates, then I paint from them. It's hard to describe, but basically each pattern is hand painted. This has been one of my most popular patterns, and it's been fun to do it in a number of different colorways. 

Here it is in spring-y green and white!

 photo d4e282bc-aabb-422f-a53d-367da629667f_zps294dd3a2.jpg

(from my Instagram account, where my handle is kristenfountaindavis, if you care to follow)

 photo 726d6173-bf0d-4c59-927a-1eb0272f2d13_zps33dfee54.jpg

 photo c382f0dd-4f19-4f7c-807a-51a8dfaf7416_zps4c3d31ff.jpg

up on the ladder, before I finished it:
 photo 8E816555-D7D9-45FD-B6F0-419C547C495E-10935-00000A2D094788DA_zps5d2ce3ac.jpg

Here it is, in a few other colors I've done in the past:
 photo IMG_8737.jpg

 photo 7C79F5DC-800D-4698-B50E-B2C15E01505B-468-0000010E1096F189.jpg

 photo IMG_9229.jpg

Monday, March 18, 2013

My Weekend

Just thought I'd check in today with a few photos from my weekend. How was your's? Did you celebrate St. Paddy's day? Jordan was out of town, so I hung out with friends and did a little thrift store shopping, which I haven't done in forever. I'm trying to save those dollar billz these days (for the new house, whenever we find it!), so I thought I'd go to a few thrift stores on Saturday, after doing some work. 

 photo 5dd0bb9f-b99b-48b7-be1f-b07ad3204c2b_zps6fe5baa4.jpg
I found this Mexican blanket at a thrift store, in some of my favorite recent colors - black, white, red and lavender. I love the way it looks on our bed, with my two black and white Ikea pillows and the geometric printed pillow cases from Target! Kind of updates the bedroom a little bit, while I'm waiting for us to move :)

I also found this cool terra cotta vase (in the background):
 photo 9afef39d-9f0a-4088-bfd7-9d15ee742d60_zps32c43160.jpg

I can't wait to put some flowers in it this spring. The triangular pattern and Native-American-feel is very current, don't you think?

I also found this cute fish dish. Its about 8" in diameter:
 photo 81fe0006-70a7-4820-b301-49e9eb586737_zps3e7e608c.jpg

cute! It's very mid-century-modern, and I love the gold brushed detailing on him! I have to fix his lips, though, where it is chipped a little. 

While I was out and about, Mika chilled on the couch ALL DAY LONG. 
 photo 4E3CD716-B5BA-4F6C-99B7-2C5407508A78-9383-000008D3B95F1077_zps7b7e61c4.jpg

He was sitting here every time I walked back in the door. Lazy bum.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so we went to Griffin to celebrate with her.

I bought her this cute card that my friend Lisa's company (Farewell Paperie) makes:

 photo DD979DEE-020F-47A4-90D4-D08356D75C19-9383-000008D3B0E93190_zpsce64410d.jpg

All their cards are really funny. "Birthweeks" seem to be the popular thing now, don't they?

 photo 46faba7e-41e5-4e55-8017-b31cef7f5c78_zps633fdf6c.jpg

I took this photo at my mom's house, amongst the clovers.  Very St Patricks day, no? :)

Last but not least, I went to Drybar last week, and saw this cute chandelier, made of hairdryers. Have you guys been there? The decor is amazing. 

 photo 8f6a7fb1-6af4-4cb2-9904-279e73490152_zps2e9630b7.jpg

I thought this chandelier was perfect for them! Im doing some work in a hair saloon soon, involving a cool stencil, made specifically for the hair-cutting situation... can't wait to do it, and share it with you guys.

Hope you all have a great (and productive) week! I will be busy painting my life away, and trying to find a house to live in. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mycolor Blog Post & A Little Housekeeping


It's Friday. Yay.

I wanted to let you know that I blogged at Mycolor -- please check it out, leave a comment, and let me know what you think! This project was all about a table/chair makeover I did.

It's been a good, busy week. Lots of condo-selling/buying news, so hopefully Ill have some good updates for you guys soon on that. I also finally was able to pick one of these up:

 photo 8094e856-f537-4112-8611-4e37139cf5c5_zpsb0ae353b.jpg

...thats my mug (in front of a mural I painted), in the recent issue of "The Atlantan" magazine (March issue). For some reason, they take forever to hit newsstands. I was super-impatient, and went to my Barnes and Noble like three times looking for it! Hah! It can be very nerve wracking to have a photoshoot and not know what they're going to use, you know? Probably sounds vain. I was just curious about the whole thing, and was happy to get to see it "in real life". :) And I like it! Jimmy Johnston was the photographer, and we got along well. Thanks, Jimmy!

Also, I drew the winner for my Printcopia giveaway. It was Jordan, and she was excited to win. I wrote down all the names, and my husband drew the name out of a hat. Old school, dude. It was fun doing a giveaway, hopefully I can do more of them in the future.

Last but not least, my house is being featured today on 6th Street Design school! I love reading Kirsten's blog, so I was excited when she emailed me and asked about showing off my home on her's. Go HERE to check it out!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Hopefully, wherever you are, you are getting some spring-time hits of weather, like we are in Atlanta?!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Recently Painted Kitchen Cabinets

I blogged a little bit about this kitchen over at the Mycolor Inspired by Pantone Paints blog that I write, but I also wanted to write about it here, as it was a huge job I just finished, and I was really happy with the outcome. I thought you guys might want to see my client's fun color choices, too. 

Here is the "Before" shot of the kitchen: 

 photo 76b202f4-467b-4382-9a18-60ad3b28dbc7_zpsf9c820de.jpg

Lots of builder-brown cabinetry. I know a lot of people like wooden cabinets, but my client had lived with them for years, and was ready for a change. The rest of her house is neutrals and pretty textural elements (along with some fun, bright pops of color), so painting the cabinets made sense. She had "pinned" several kitchens that were grays and creams, and had stated that she wanted the outside cabinets to feel like they sort of faded into the background. I think we accomplished just that, with our color choice! The island got a little more dramatic with a gray-blue-green color (distressed, too). 

 photo 95e117e2-2472-4347-ad37-852c937dd98a_zps19b307c8.jpg

Isn't it a nice change?

My favorite part is in the butler's pantry, where we did a pop of tangerine inside the shelves. She has a "thing" for orange, so when I suggested painting the inside orange, she jumped at the idea! We both loved it. 

You can see it, peeking around the corner in the kitchen...
 photo IMG_1153_zps4d11a64f.jpg

and here it is up close:
 photo IMG_1151_zps9f7f5d2b.jpg

 photo IMG_1152_zpseda6890e.jpg

fun stuff!

A lot of times, before I paint someone's kitchen cabinets, they will ask me about how smooth will they be, considering most of the time I used a roller and brush. I took this photo to show the smooth-factor:
 photo IMG_1144_zpscc0fb2f4.jpg

see the sheen and smoothness on the outside doors? I use a furniture roller, so that I don't have brushmarks. 

 photo fb1ad94d-2ddd-41fa-aa48-f264e0ecb2eb_zpsb8c48c8c.jpg

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hand-Stenciled Midtown Loft Nursery

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I did! It was super-busy, with lots of stuff going on, but it was relaxing, and now I'm ready for the work-week ahead. What did you all do?

I wanted to show you all photos that my client recently sent me of her daughter's finished nursery that I painted a while back. This room is in a loft in midtown in Atlanta, right on Peachtree street. I have done a few stencil projects in this loft for the same client, so she called me again when she found out she was pregnant, and had to decorate a nursery! 

I love the way the nursery turned out. When I was there stenciling it, nothing had been done except the walls being painted yellow. I asked her to please send me photos of the room when it was finished, and all of the furniture was in, and she did! 

 photo 20ce8cbf-e607-44f5-bdb8-db283f95cf44_zpsdb34e024.jpg

I love the soft, delicate look of her furniture and color choices, paired with the cement loft ceilings and ductwork. Very cool! 

 photo 9b968858-61c5-4db7-a365-ae969a3ded4b_zpsd2afa0c0.jpg

Her furniture is from Restoration Hardware Baby, and isn't it pretty?

 photo 056483db-5956-40ea-baa3-665dbfe6d84c_zps6e4057bc.jpg

 photo B6CBFFAC-AD1F-435E-BEDF-74D1DD289F0A-207-00000034DF12D24F_zpseda02886.jpg

My Morrocan stencil is one that I use a lot, and I actually have it available for sale, in my Etsy shop!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Mycolor Blog Post

Hi everyone! Happy Friday.

I blogged over at the Mycolor Inspired by Pantone paints blog today. This was a project I just wrapped up, and I am super-happy with the results! I'll be blogging more about it here on Monday, but for now, please go check out the insanely awesome butler's pantry, painted in none other than Tangerine Tango...

 photo 86e35701-abe9-4fd3-b07b-cb4b43505de2_zps89fbc93e.jpg

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Brass" Canisters

Like I said, yesterday I had the day unexpectedly free, so I was able to get caught up on some work and do a couple of things for myself. 

I decided I wanted some gold element in my kitchen, so I spraypainted the tops of my Target canisters gold. I can't remember the exact spraypaint I used (I actually used two different types, because they were both leftover cans I had at the studio), but the one that is on the top layer was the prettiest (I tested them out first). It had more of a rose tint to it, than a green tint, like the first one. A while back, I made a video and a blog post about how to spraypaint. You can check it out here.

This is what they looked like before:

(see them all the way to the right, in the corner?)
 photo 6da19079-f356-427a-a2e0-85b39c287455_zps4b50f318.jpg

And now!

 photo e63e576e-57b7-4d0a-934f-ce51292848d5_zps458493ce.jpg

I think they look fancier :)

 photo c44bef9f-6c21-44d2-9677-38dfe99ed6a3_zpsf1758a46.jpg

also! Don't forget to enter the Printcopia contest on my blog, to win a free canvas print!