Monday, February 25, 2013

St. John and Back!

Hi everyone! 

Sorry that I kind of disappeared... we went to St. John's (USVI), and I had such a busy week last week, that I never got a chance to write a goodbye letter to you all. haha. 

Anyway, I am home now, and I don't have any more trips planned for a while. 

I wanted to share a few photos from my trip with you guys, incase you'd like to see. The scenery was truly the prettiest I've ever seen. It's non-stop postcard photo scenery the whole time!

 photo 35c41cf8-389b-4408-98e8-4612f2b21292_zps285c0d97.jpg

This was right off the ferry, coming into St. John's. Shockingly beautiful!

 photo 9df89d18-7e78-44f6-8d9b-e3ab10995664_zps707fe0c3.jpg
This was also right off the ferry.

 photo 1164dc4f-b6f5-4c4e-89b4-258002121da0_zps7d28314a.jpg

there were lots of chickens on the island.. and little chicks! they were so cute.

 photo f75081a7-6461-4bfd-a4ab-c40b21c5f8d4_zps25d555e1.jpg

This is a photo, looking off of one of the porches at the villa. 

 photo f1440e06-19ae-46bd-bacd-d7c3d84cb2d8_zps9d21a56d.jpg

lots of hermit crabs there, too! This one was at our villa, and we fed him carrots and onion.

 photo 5a8ac39f-fdfe-4441-bdba-2fd7ca0bb6fb_zps68331919.jpg

 photo 9c56cd77-8dad-4873-81c6-7107e33af54c_zpsaa20e91c.jpg

 photo 8bbdfcdb-35a4-4a7f-9037-66428f5f552b_zps826949a2.jpg

it was lovely!

 photo 3912df1d-2852-488d-94ba-c3186e015723_zpsa798cabd.jpg

ok, now back to my (semi)regularly scheduled posting. :)


  1. We went to St. John a few years ago and loved it! So pretty and uncrowded!

  2. Just got back from St. John two weeks ago. I've been going since I was a little kid and It's my favorite place ever. I love when people discover how wonderful it is, glad you liked it. Which villa did you stay at? I'm looking to go with a few couples and am always looks for recommends on the best houses! Also, it's in the USVI so no passport required!

  3. This looks amazing. I have to admit, I kind of hated you every time you posted an instagram picture, but that's only because I am literally dying of jealousy. So glad you got away. Looks gorgeous.

  4. haha, ashley.... i know the feeling. sorry to bombard with beauty.

  5. @brittany awesome! you should book through travel keys... they do tons of awesome villas, and that's who we were there with!

  6. I love these pictures ... and now I really want a vacation!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  7. Pictures look beautiful. We were there in 2008 for our honeymoon.

    Also, St. John's is USVI, not BVI :)

  8. yes! I don't know why i typed that, i totally knew it. i guess i kept seeing BVI on everywhere else around us and it stuck in my head. thanks!

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