Monday, February 11, 2013

Snaps From the Weekend

I left off Friday with writing about how it was my birthday, so I thought I'd share a few photos from my weekend. It was a great birthday, so I want to remember it!

During the day, Jordan took me to lunch and to the High Museum. 

 photo fe651e10-29d5-48dd-a7e4-eaa0e6f1e799_zpsca919eab.jpg

at lunch, i saw this on the wall:

 photo D6665D16-4DC1-4D72-99D2-F5EAEA26BE04-879-0000011A44BE6BF5_zps51abae5f.jpg


my evening was planned out by my best friend and my husband, and them, along with my mom, had some special surprises for me throughout the night. i felt very loved.

they brought this baby photo of me, and had people sign the mat for the frame. 

we concluded that chubby baby kristen looks like the baby dinosaur from the show "Dinosaurs":

 photo 9D29CDF9-7528-43BD-ABD3-6AF7FD25CE0E-879-00000119D5E417A7_zps7ebe9bbb.jpg

anyway, the evening started out with drinks at a friends before dinner:

 photo 1479B3D0-CA15-4CF3-955B-BFAC22776F68-879-00000119C0BB14B2_zps72a39582.jpg

cute details!

here's a photo of me and my mom and my stepdad there:
 photo d5bf2245-5032-4ba1-bee6-14fb9baafb69_zps172f6943.jpg

at dinner, my mom made cupcakes

 photo B8AD3088-D882-4105-9450-79BA708CE91B-879-00000119A0BA07A4_zpsb0d2cd96.jpg

 photo BA32BA02-4673-428A-BAEF-D83DDD99D57D-879-000001198DC44DC7_zpsf140c287.jpg

 photo 92993bf5-ed76-472a-8845-759628eb389f_zpsdcd39f4e.jpg
(my brother and myself. and his wife)

 photo E8E4A6EC-3EDD-4F7C-A43C-12AAA4EDD4B0-879-0000011BF5F42909_zpsb1e51a8a.jpg
(my dad and i at dinner)

it was a great day!

for the weekend, a few friends took me to a spa for the day. amaaaazing. you know this old painter needs to have her sore back massaged every now and then (this job is ruthless on the back muscles)!

thanks to everyone that made me feel like a million bucks on my bday. so much fun, and i'm excited for 30. :)


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm wondering how to subscribe by email to your site. Thanks! :)

  2. thanks, heather! I need to figure out how people can do that, too... i will post it when i figure it out!

  3. Happy 30th! It looks like you had a truly wonderful weekend ringing it in!

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