Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Press in The Atlantan Magazine

I wanted to share with you all some recent press that I received!

I was interviewed by The Atlantan magazine for a profile in the upcoming March/April issue. I haven't been able to get my hands on a hard copy yet, but the website version is available now, and you can view it here. The photoshoot went down at Hammon Hanlon and Camp, who is a past client of mine, located at Terminus highrises in Atlanta. I blogged about it here.

 photo 3a42c5a3-a418-4c65-8ecd-13cce698e8de_zps6adbe47c.jpg

Thanks to Jennifer for the write-up, and Jimmy Johnston for the great photo! It was cool to be photographed in front of my work, not wearing paint-smothered clothing. :)


PS are you guys on Vine? I am! My handle is Kristen Fountain Davis if you care to find me. My videos are a little boring, but, meh, thought you might want to follow incase they pick up in interest. ;)


  1. "all the news that is news, across the nation and around the world". Congratulations

  2. How fun to be considered a 'secret weapon'! Gorgeous picture of you, Kristen. Congrats!

  3. That's awesome. You look gorgeous, as always! Congrats!

  4. A thousand congratulations! You so deserve the accolades...

    Now please excuse me while I enjoy the beauty that it my dining room. Destiny

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