Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Trellis Stencil

I painted this dining room a while back, and I wanted to share it with you guys. I'm not sure why I haven't posted it yet! I did it right before Christmas break. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the day I finished this, I packed up and headed south for my brother's wedding the next day. Cuttin' it close!

Anyway, it's a new stencil, and I pretty much followed the guidelines here. The pattern threw me off at first, because of the double lines, but somehow I figured it out. It's a weird one! I made my own template, as usual, and handpainted each line. It was a little bit of a challenge, because the walls were really bumpy (some sort of gritty substance in the sheetrock), so I couldn't get a smooth line, but it turned out nice, overall. The colors are very dark. The basecoat is almost a midnight blue, and the color I painted on was almost black. Striking!

The ceiling was gold, too, so this is going to be one hot 'n' sexy dining room, no? It's in a highrise here in Atlanta, and I think the whole condo is going to be amazing when it's finished.

When I first started:
 photo 1dead5d7-4f3b-47fd-9b64-84b57d6eeacd_zps15478f93.jpg

while working:

 photo 7ddb7ca3-ba3f-48c8-8126-cb45ab1066df_zps517180de.jpg

in the works!

 photo 1bbc253c-c23e-411e-9834-f88ec0ae7b3d_zps1c919802.jpg

It was super-dark in the room, too, which made it a real challenge as well. I had to get a spotlight to work with. That's why the photos are kind of awkwardly dark...

 photo 62fa915d-7ed6-4f7d-9016-f6140aa45bc4_zpsb95ffc37.jpg

And, all finished:
 photo 1ff33147-2c54-47c1-a152-977a336f1b04_zps3481fd36.jpg

(worst photo ever, I know)


  1. thank you, hannah! it would be a pretty bedroom...

  2. Be still my heart... Destiny

  3. Hey cant see the recent photos on my mobile!

  4. the bumpy finish is texture. its the standard finish for finishing all walls in the northwest. if you want your walls flat here, they actually charge you more money! so ugly and frustrating!!!

    looks like you made a nice effort for for how bad the walls are.