Thursday, February 28, 2013

This and That

Just a few random tidbits from my phone...

here's my living room... I recently moved a bunch of pillows around... exciting stuff! Even though I know we have outgrown this little home, I do love it. It's nice and cozy, and I have to say that all my little decorations and collectibles make me very happy! 

 photo a4456b1f-d7d1-4d6b-8878-ba753c1114a4_zpsba90cdfa.jpg

I love moving decorative pillows around the house...I have lots of them, but I really think they're the cheapest way to change up a space, so I just fold them up and store them in the closet when I am not using them, then they'll come back out again in a few months. Right now, most of my pillows are kilim/ikat-y. All the rage. And I'm all up in it.

I love the ones at west elm and CB2. 

And! I found these awesome black and white graphic ones at IKEA. I was waiting to find some, and finally did (the Atlanta location was out for a while):

 photo 81279f29-79bd-45ea-bfb9-d30fea2e84ec_zpsd10eab8c.jpg

They're only $10 each, and the inserts are only $6. Crazy good deal, and the fabric is kind of cool, too. It's nubby and thick - I like. These will definitely move around the house, but for now, I like them with the black and white paintings I did for our bedroom:
 photo IMG_9045-1.jpg

(those lamps aren't in there anymore - this is an old photo)

I needed a little change-up, so this is holding me over. Trying not to buy much for the house, since we will hopefully be selling our house and moving soon. 

The studio is crazy right now, and I have about 15 projects going on there. Anyone want to come do some cleaning? 

 photo 9D1A3C39-D915-4746-9185-0CC885D6C987-3544-000003F6E4AA9EED_zpsccef1b05.jpg

This is a photo of the remains of the wine cork table top resin that I have been working on for about a month now. I have had to do 5 coats of resin, and the total will be 6! It's about an inch and a half thick or so in resin. It looks really cool, but it's been quite an undertaking. The good news is that I have not had any issues with resin drying this time - I think that I have mastered that technique. Woo! Finally.

lastly, I rearranged some accessories on our shelves the other night, and made a collection of vases on one of the top shelves. I just got in the mindset that I wanted all my cool vintage and new vases together, instead of only using a few. I put them all together Jonathan Adler-style:
 photo 8b686122-2358-4622-aafd-f1c735043bdd_zps674e50bc.jpg
I think I was subconsciously inspired by this photo from his book: 

 photo adler-ledge1-e1307760098491_zpsa315a987.jpg

I also saw this pretty room that is being designed by Bryn, and maybe it inspired me, too:

 photo photo1-7_zps97e0cec9.jpg

I love the way she displayed those turquoise vases from West Elm. So pretty, and also unexpected, I think. 

OK, that's it for now. going to go paint some kitchen cabinets, woo!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Press in The Atlantan Magazine

I wanted to share with you all some recent press that I received!

I was interviewed by The Atlantan magazine for a profile in the upcoming March/April issue. I haven't been able to get my hands on a hard copy yet, but the website version is available now, and you can view it here. The photoshoot went down at Hammon Hanlon and Camp, who is a past client of mine, located at Terminus highrises in Atlanta. I blogged about it here.

 photo 3a42c5a3-a418-4c65-8ecd-13cce698e8de_zps6adbe47c.jpg

Thanks to Jennifer for the write-up, and Jimmy Johnston for the great photo! It was cool to be photographed in front of my work, not wearing paint-smothered clothing. :)


PS are you guys on Vine? I am! My handle is Kristen Fountain Davis if you care to find me. My videos are a little boring, but, meh, thought you might want to follow incase they pick up in interest. ;)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mandala Stenciled Foyer

I wanted to show you guys a project I finished last week, just before I went out of town...

I hand-stenciled the "Mandala" pattern in a small foyer in a beautiful home that is being decorated by my pal Heather Hogan Roberts. I do a lot of work for Heather, and can I just say - she is a real talent. I am always impressed by her color choices and combinations. Talent for interior design and placement comes naturally to her, and there is really something to be said for that. 

Anyway! I created this stencil based off of Madeline Weinrib's "Mandala" rug, and last did it on a nursery that Heather designed for another client. I painted it this time on a pale, pale blue foyer and we loved the way it turned out. 

Once again, my photobucket/camera uploading situation is being crazy, and I was having a hard time uploading my photos. Argh! I blame Dropbox for all this madness. Ever since I downloaded that program, my photos have been nutso. Not cool, Dropbox.

 photo 58012b1e-83c3-4e58-9efe-9ca2a2e5928f_zps6a0adcfd.jpg

The foyer was very small, like I said, with some pretty crazy angles. I actually ended up moving the stencil pattern a little on the ceiling angles, so you'll see two different versions of placement on that area. It was a challenge to make the stencil very visible in this tiny space without much wall room. It's funny -- you'd think that it would be easier to do a stencil on a space like this, since there's not much wall space, but it actually makes it harder to calculate placement in a situation like this. 

 photo f990a076-5154-4589-b86d-e9dfcfd841c4_zpscac6b92f.jpg

 photo 5a8c5147-7413-449f-98fe-00c26c38fc03_zps3b9c1470.jpg

(this next shot is from Instagram, and it wasn't done at this point. I still had touch ups to do, so don't think that I left it unfinished!)
 photo 58c2dc0e-9675-45dc-9880-0b09658866d7_zps8b58f19f.jpg

 photo e3c629ee-b5c0-4efa-96f9-803383dd1595_zpsa7014276.jpg

 photo 513d6fda-15ba-4573-8c9f-71f3189ebb96_zps34921ef4.jpg

 photo a6c38a1d-1de6-481d-9707-0e7dbc38bd9a_zpsde0c522c.jpg

 photo 0574ed99-ab6d-4f46-80ee-2b97bf66d674_zpsdfb91efe.jpg

(I know some of these pictures read kind of crazy. I had to edit them a lot to get the pattern to show, since it was a pearly/silver paint on top of a blue-white color! Hard to photograph.)


on another note, do any of you blogging friends have a recommendations of great places to host your photos? I'm definitely going to stop using photobucket. Their new system just doesn't work well for me. Photos are not uploading, or uploading to weird places, and it's just super-slow in general. Let me know if you have recommendations! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

St. John and Back!

Hi everyone! 

Sorry that I kind of disappeared... we went to St. John's (USVI), and I had such a busy week last week, that I never got a chance to write a goodbye letter to you all. haha. 

Anyway, I am home now, and I don't have any more trips planned for a while. 

I wanted to share a few photos from my trip with you guys, incase you'd like to see. The scenery was truly the prettiest I've ever seen. It's non-stop postcard photo scenery the whole time!

 photo 35c41cf8-389b-4408-98e8-4612f2b21292_zps285c0d97.jpg

This was right off the ferry, coming into St. John's. Shockingly beautiful!

 photo 9df89d18-7e78-44f6-8d9b-e3ab10995664_zps707fe0c3.jpg
This was also right off the ferry.

 photo 1164dc4f-b6f5-4c4e-89b4-258002121da0_zps7d28314a.jpg

there were lots of chickens on the island.. and little chicks! they were so cute.

 photo f75081a7-6461-4bfd-a4ab-c40b21c5f8d4_zps25d555e1.jpg

This is a photo, looking off of one of the porches at the villa. 

 photo f1440e06-19ae-46bd-bacd-d7c3d84cb2d8_zps9d21a56d.jpg

lots of hermit crabs there, too! This one was at our villa, and we fed him carrots and onion.

 photo 5a8ac39f-fdfe-4441-bdba-2fd7ca0bb6fb_zps68331919.jpg

 photo 9c56cd77-8dad-4873-81c6-7107e33af54c_zpsaa20e91c.jpg

 photo 8bbdfcdb-35a4-4a7f-9037-66428f5f552b_zps826949a2.jpg

it was lovely!

 photo 3912df1d-2852-488d-94ba-c3186e015723_zpsa798cabd.jpg

ok, now back to my (semi)regularly scheduled posting. :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Trellis Stencil

I painted this dining room a while back, and I wanted to share it with you guys. I'm not sure why I haven't posted it yet! I did it right before Christmas break. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the day I finished this, I packed up and headed south for my brother's wedding the next day. Cuttin' it close!

Anyway, it's a new stencil, and I pretty much followed the guidelines here. The pattern threw me off at first, because of the double lines, but somehow I figured it out. It's a weird one! I made my own template, as usual, and handpainted each line. It was a little bit of a challenge, because the walls were really bumpy (some sort of gritty substance in the sheetrock), so I couldn't get a smooth line, but it turned out nice, overall. The colors are very dark. The basecoat is almost a midnight blue, and the color I painted on was almost black. Striking!

The ceiling was gold, too, so this is going to be one hot 'n' sexy dining room, no? It's in a highrise here in Atlanta, and I think the whole condo is going to be amazing when it's finished.

When I first started:
 photo 1dead5d7-4f3b-47fd-9b64-84b57d6eeacd_zps15478f93.jpg

while working:

 photo 7ddb7ca3-ba3f-48c8-8126-cb45ab1066df_zps517180de.jpg

in the works!

 photo 1bbc253c-c23e-411e-9834-f88ec0ae7b3d_zps1c919802.jpg

It was super-dark in the room, too, which made it a real challenge as well. I had to get a spotlight to work with. That's why the photos are kind of awkwardly dark...

 photo 62fa915d-7ed6-4f7d-9016-f6140aa45bc4_zpsb95ffc37.jpg

And, all finished:
 photo 1ff33147-2c54-47c1-a152-977a336f1b04_zps3481fd36.jpg

(worst photo ever, I know)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Graywashing DIY


I posted this on the Mycolor blog, but I also wanted to share here, because I think it's a handy tutorial, and you guys will like the video that I made to accompany it. 

What you’ll need: A sanding block (Around 120 grit), wet rag, MyColor™ inspired by Pantone’s “Goat” (only one quart is needed), and some glaze. (I am not picky about brands!)

I started off with two tables that looked like this:
 photo photo-1-e1361031590513-768x1024_zps0ef3fcb0.jpg

First, sand them well, to remove the varnish. You are not trying to get to the raw wood, just remove the shine and varnish layer that makes it slick.
I use a mix of about 50:50, paint:glaze. I usually just put it in a tupperware container, and use a thick (5″) chip brush, which is the cheapie kind with thick bristles.
  photo photo-2-e1361031904668-768x1024_zpsc7c5cbea.jpg

I brush it on, then rub it back with a damp rag to make it smooth. This technique is pretty smooth looking, but still allows the wood to show through, so it’s not a solid paint job. With this table, since the blonde wood is not a popular color to show through the wood, I didn’t want it to REALLY show, just give the idea that there is wood underneath.

Here is a video, showing how I apply the paint:

 photo photo-3-1024x768-1_zpsa8f245b2.jpg

 photo photo-5-e1361032233837-768x1024_zps168f54d0.jpg

After you brush the paint on, you wiiiiipe back. This makes it smooth, and not streaky. I ended up doing two coats on these tables, for good measure. The result is a pretty wash, which majorly updated the tables! See? here’s the before and after shots:

 photo 203d1ee2-56cf-4ed0-b0b5-38f7f16c35cf_zps98a9cd07.jpg

The “Goat” color is a really great gray with lots of brown and maybe even a touch of green in it. Mycolor truly makes many wonderful grays that I love! I sealed the tables with a wax finisher for maximum protection.

 photo 5e5be226-14c2-4cee-9a86-f3983db3ff70_zpsd3ec57e9.jpg

 photo IMG_1076-1024x682_zpsd39f1593.jpg

 photo IMG_1080-682x1024_zpsd21d27b6.jpg

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Saturday Post

Hey Friends...

Just wanted to let you know that I blogged over at Mycolor Blog today:

 photo 203d1ee2-56cf-4ed0-b0b5-38f7f16c35cf_zps98a9cd07.jpg

It's about how to do washes on furniture, and it even includes a video tutorial. Please check it out, and let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cool News + Sanding Stories

So, the past few weeks, I've been up to something cool that I wanted to tell you guys about...

I was asked to be in an episode of HGTV's "Elbow Room." I am going to be in an episode where I paint a mural on a master bedroom wall! My blogging friend, Cristi Holcombe, is the designer on the show, and brought me in to work on it with them. It was super exciting, and I am honored to have been asked! The episode should be on sometime this May or June, but I'll be sure and let you guys know when it's going to air, so that you can laugh at me blabbing on TV about my painting :)

 photo 5abd4f32-a376-4f86-a8d3-f2c3930bcb52_zpsc7f27020.jpg

Here I am, working on my mural:
 photo bef82fbb-ba94-40bd-b8ad-e24b021dd76a_zpsd3194b9c.jpg
(Thanks for the shot, Cristi :))

Also, a few weeks ago, they came and filmed at the studio, and I showed them around so that they could see a little of what I do. It was a "field trip" for the episode, so ye olde studio will be making an appearance too. Hah! Who ever thought my concrete cave would be on TV!?

 photo 43947ae9-eb71-47b5-a777-e85768295a6f_zps54e773f1.jpg
(Chip, filming the intro scene outside the studio doors)

anyway! I thought this was cool news worth sharing. I'll be sure and let you guys know when the episode will air. 

In other news, I've been working super hard on everything else I have going on, too.

Including doing about 4 hours of sanding yesterday and today:

 photo e2f84f8d-82b5-459f-9755-fdc86dff7f41_zps410b12b7.jpg

I'm trying to be a responsible adult in my 30's (hah), and start wearing goggles and respirators when I'm doing "dangerous" stuff. We'll see how long this lasts. They're just such a pain! I have yet to find a good respirator that isn't gigantic and obnoxious. Also, when I wear both glasses and respirators at the same time, the lenses of the glasses or goggles fog up. Not helpful. I prefer to have protected eyes (sand in eyes = pain) than protected lungs, but I imagine both are important. Any help here would be appreciated. 

It was a good thing I wore something, though, because look at all this debris:
 photo a7f03a24-8a54-4d8c-927e-9b32e8bc4dd3_zps764fee6b.jpg

Can't wait to clean that up. 


alright, that's it for now. Happy Wednesday, people!

 ps this is my ONE-THOUSANDTH post. good thing it was a good one. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lacey Custom Stencil Work


I came across these oldish photos of a room I stenciled last summer, and I wanted to share them with you guys. This stencil was very much more of a template (aka, I made a template, then used it as a guideline to draw out my design). I think it almost looks like lace...

I just painted the design on an accent wall.

 photo 890ec4a2-345d-4256-b7cf-da0c40d1dd3c_zpsccdd1b84.jpg

This pattern took me forever to paint! 

Here is a shot of the room before I painted:

 photo IMG_0118.jpg

it's a nice change up! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Snaps From the Weekend

I left off Friday with writing about how it was my birthday, so I thought I'd share a few photos from my weekend. It was a great birthday, so I want to remember it!

During the day, Jordan took me to lunch and to the High Museum. 

 photo fe651e10-29d5-48dd-a7e4-eaa0e6f1e799_zpsca919eab.jpg

at lunch, i saw this on the wall:

 photo D6665D16-4DC1-4D72-99D2-F5EAEA26BE04-879-0000011A44BE6BF5_zps51abae5f.jpg


my evening was planned out by my best friend and my husband, and them, along with my mom, had some special surprises for me throughout the night. i felt very loved.

they brought this baby photo of me, and had people sign the mat for the frame. 

we concluded that chubby baby kristen looks like the baby dinosaur from the show "Dinosaurs":

 photo 9D29CDF9-7528-43BD-ABD3-6AF7FD25CE0E-879-00000119D5E417A7_zps7ebe9bbb.jpg

anyway, the evening started out with drinks at a friends before dinner:

 photo 1479B3D0-CA15-4CF3-955B-BFAC22776F68-879-00000119C0BB14B2_zps72a39582.jpg

cute details!

here's a photo of me and my mom and my stepdad there:
 photo d5bf2245-5032-4ba1-bee6-14fb9baafb69_zps172f6943.jpg

at dinner, my mom made cupcakes

 photo B8AD3088-D882-4105-9450-79BA708CE91B-879-00000119A0BA07A4_zpsb0d2cd96.jpg

 photo BA32BA02-4673-428A-BAEF-D83DDD99D57D-879-000001198DC44DC7_zpsf140c287.jpg

 photo 92993bf5-ed76-472a-8845-759628eb389f_zpsdcd39f4e.jpg
(my brother and myself. and his wife)

 photo E8E4A6EC-3EDD-4F7C-A43C-12AAA4EDD4B0-879-0000011BF5F42909_zpsb1e51a8a.jpg
(my dad and i at dinner)

it was a great day!

for the weekend, a few friends took me to a spa for the day. amaaaazing. you know this old painter needs to have her sore back massaged every now and then (this job is ruthless on the back muscles)!

thanks to everyone that made me feel like a million bucks on my bday. so much fun, and i'm excited for 30. :)