Monday, January 21, 2013

Rug Switch Up

Often, when I get tired of something, or just need a change of scenery, I like to just move things around my home. Pretty common amongst us designy types, huh? Do you guys do that? I'll move accessories around, a throw pillow around, or add a vase of flowers to a table or counter. Sometimes you just need to look at something new.

This weekend, while Jordan was at the Falcons game, I switched the rugs in the kitchen and living room. I moved my vintage oriental that is usually in the kitchen, into the living room where my mint green/white chevron one usually is. 


(I went back to having computer/photo issues yesterday - argh!)

You like? I like it alright for a change-up. Really, I think they work better in their original places, but I'm enjoying a little scenery switch.

This photo's editing is kind of crazy, sorry...

It's a little more colorful and wintery in here now, I feel like.

It'll do for a week or so, then they'll probably move back! I'm going to take really good photos of my house's current state for you guys soon - I realized there are no current ones other than the Jezebel article....weird!


  1. Im obsessed with rearranging! Sometimes you just never know til you try it! No harm no foul! This looks cozy.
    xo Nancy

  2. I love this room, and I thought you should know that my husband and I have been arguing over the idea of an acrylic coffee table for the better part of a month, and showing him a picture of this room is what won him over to my side. So I guess I owe you a thank you!

  3. thanks guys!

    kelli - that is awesome! hah!

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