Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paintings In The Studio

Hi, everyone. I'm headed out to work a little earlier than normal today, but I wanted to show you a couple of canvases I have been working on... 

This is one that I am in progress on:

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It's not anywhere close to being done. Well, maybe like 50%. The color combinations are weird... I really love an interesting color combo, and I have lots more weird colors to add to it. I am doing another one that is really close to it, with a white background. This one reminds me of a "velvet Elvis" painting with the black background. I looove doing these non-commissioned paintings. They will both be for sale when they are finished!

And, this is a painting that was commissioned that I just shipped off yesterday:

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She went to Texas. I snapped this photo really fast with my phone, before I headed to FedEx to send her away. Sorry it's not a fancy photo! 

anyway.. off to work, just wanted to share those two tidbits for you!