Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Design In Miami

Hi everyone!

We just returned from a trip to Miami, where my husband and my step-brother ran the Miami Half-Marathon. We were there Friday to Monday, so we were able to take in some fun sights and enjoy the warm sun. When we were going to the airport earrrrrly Friday morning, the temperature in Atlanta was around 30 degrees, and when we landed in Miami, it was around 80... a pretty nice break from the cold!

Anyway, I took some photos of great design-y things to remember, and thought I would share them here. Yesterday, we hung out at the Surfcomber hotel for a while. This place had great vibes, with lots of color and mid-century modern furniture. I really loved it! 

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This was the lobby...

This was also in the lobby - I loved it!

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another lobby sitting area:

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The other night, we hung out at a really cool private party at another awesome hotel. I can't remember the name of it, though! I did manage to snap one photo:

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Love the astroturf. There was a bocce ball tournament going on, and we sat around chatting on some colorfully painted adirondack chairs with cute pinstripe pillows on them. Lots of decor inspiration here.

I also snapped a photo in the bathroom, after we learned you're really not supposed to take photos at this hotel, since lots of members are celebrities. Oops.

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it was a cool bathroom -- all white, subway tile, cararra marble, industrial details with pretty carved wood tables. Pretty much everything there was a feast for my little eyes.

We also checked out the Sagamore and the Delano hotels -- both very beautiful, and very, VERY well decorated, but we were promptly kicked out of both of the pool areas (we were only walking around, not sitting or hanging out!) for not being guests. Kind of depressing.  Have any of you guys had this happen? it's sad. haha.

This is a photo I took while walking around South Beach a few days ago:

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back at our own little hotel (the Albion hotel, which I stayed at before - it's a well-priced hotel, and in a great location for walking around), I sat in a big basket chair:

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One night, we ate at a delicious Peruvian restaurant called Ceviche 105. Our friend (who is a local) took us there, and it was amazing. All raw fish, prepared differently. It was SO, so good:

our leftovers:

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family style.

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(this is another hotel that we hung out at, the National, which was laid back, (aka, we were able to eat lunch and hang out here without being kicked out) and well designed.

it was a great trip. I'm really happy to be back in Atlanta, though, and ready to work hard the rest of the week. talk to you guys soon!


  1. Looks fun! Isn't there some saying about not having fully lived unless you've been kicked out of some place? At least you know you're livin'!

    I've never been to Miami - I would KILL for a break from these crazy ATL temps.

  2. haha - that makes me feel better, at least! now im just bad to the bone, and not a poor loser.

  3. Looks like a fun trip! Dig that big ol'basket chair.

  4. Miami has been on my brain lately--so happy you got to go! But I think I would need a good solid month at the gym before I go and some good fake tanning. :) Look at you in shorts in January!

    I love post-dinner table shots, I don't know why exactly. Life lived, I guess.

    You need one of those hanging chairs in your new house.

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