Monday, December 23, 2013


Hi! I hope you all had a nice weekend. I pretty much did nothing, and it was awesome. 

We went to dinner party at a friend's house Friday night, but otherwise, it was mostly chilling around the house. We find it's easier not to leave with Max around... neither of us can stand to put him in his crate when we leave, haha. It's so sad! He's doing really well, though, and him and Mika are slowly becoming friends. Well, acquaintances might be more appropriate, but in time, I think it'll be friends. I am also currently addicted to Breaking Bad (I'm into season 5, episode 4.), so I watched way too many episodes on Netflix. I just had to see what was going to happen with Gus, and now I know. Unfortunately, I also now just HAVE to see how the whole show is going to pan out, so the addiction continues until I'm finished with season 5, then I will cry in my pillow that it's over. Life is hard.

Anyway, I thought I would show you guys some little paintings that I was working on last week. I had to do a sample for a designer's client, and did some baby paintings for me. Well, I intended to sell them on etsy or something, but I hung them at my house for now. We'll see if I decide to sell them. 

Here are some photos from when I was working on them in our kitchen... see? I didn't even paint at the studio... just wanted to be home.

 photo 39F30E5C-40A3-4D1B-AF5C-9B78A3395ED2_zpspqso71za.jpg

 photo DD6F1139-BA51-4899-A90E-141C5A2D424F_zpsvzlyts3t.jpg

It's funny how these abstract paintings I do can go... I will be really into one... and really like where it's headed... then in five seconds and ten brushstrokes... hate it. I guess because I don't have much of a plan, so I just go with it, and then all the sudden everything's messed up! That's why sometimes when I get to a "good" place, I like to stop, take a picture, go home, take a break, then come back with a fresh head about my next step. Funny how they work. drawings and paintings of literal tangible items are so much easier!

Jordan stepped in front of me while I was taking this one.

 photo 3EBBE2E9-12DB-49DA-816C-E5B1312E9343_zpszgfyehq8.jpg

I literally took this picture so I could stare at my paintings while I was at the gym, and figure out the next move. unfortunately I screwed that hunter green one up, and it's still not fixed!

eventually I finished a few, and they're hanging in my house now. The one on the right here is the one with the hunter green that still isn't finished. I added a lot of purple to it. DOH

 photo A198A84A-0AEC-4CA4-8C79-4DF37D3D353E_zps8rke3tt7.jpg

this one is my favorite - it's in our bedroom now.

 photo BBFE3341-B34C-4664-921B-9AAA782353B1_zpssvgccldx.jpg

and these other two are hanging together on a tiny little sliver wall. We have all these funky angles in our bedroom, that I almost can't even figure out what to do with! So, I hung some baby paintings. These guys are around 8 by 8" and 6" by 6".

 photo 0EDE8A6A-94BC-4BC2-A587-CF81F344B431_zps3febewqf.jpg

Anyway, they make me happy. I have a real thing for color, especially paired with lots of white, so it's a good look for my eyeballs. :) I did a bunch of changes this weekend, including taking out our old jute rug and replacing it with a much nicer one! Super excited. It's larger, too. 

please tell me I'm not the only one that has this disgusting problem with jute rugs:

 photo 2AAC3C87-FBEE-45C5-AC69-3E5ED66AF728_zpswq7f9lpy.jpg

we are clean people, and this is gross. I vacuum under the rug as much as I can, but it's impossible under the bed. I guess jute rugs just harbor dust  and release their own over time (it's always in the info section when you read about them online). Its really gross, though, and I'm so glad that the new rug doesn't do this! I will be blogging about it soon, with pictures. You can see it rolled up on the bottom left in this picture. 

I also replaced some of the sconces that I don't like in our bedroom with new ones this weekend. I'm waiting for the handy man to come over and remove the ones near our bed, so I can patch up their spot and make them disappear. Slow progress!! 

Well, I'm off to finish up some Christmas shopping! I hope you all have a GREAT holiday, and I'll see you back here soon.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Little Painting

Recently, I found this old frame at a thrift store for $1.99. I liked the bigger size of the frame, and I knew I could figure out something cool to do with it...

I think it's handmade...Anyway, I broke the glass more with a wrench, then dumped the glass in our trash... I was really careful! I removed the wooden piece, and did a little quick painting. It's now hanging in the guest bathroom. 

 photo 29F47AFC-7409-46C3-974E-37DA7E2502B0_zpswmwg0du4.jpg

not bad for $1.99.

 photo DCFCF995-17E3-437C-A3CE-FC2AD47D3F05_zps3vkibsj4.jpg

 photo 1F1BEF00-B8AF-45F7-9F25-41AAC555AD42_zpsqaeg23p6.jpg

I like how the finishes turned out in here.

 photo AD7595AE-9FB0-48CA-ACE5-66F61E97CA59_zpsy7flzdyc.jpg

 photo D2218063-4A04-4F1A-AF0E-B6A55C84C2A3_zpsc7k1cdqm.jpg

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dresser Makeover

A few weeks ago, I worked on a dresser makeover for one of Erika Ward's clients. This piece was big, solid, and heavy, but had definitely seen better days. The color was not right for the new look they were doing in the room, so I painted it. I painted it a creamy off white, then did some light glazing on it. With the addition of new hardware, it looked completely different!

Check her out:

This was the picture I took in the studio, to send to Erika. They added the hardware afterwards! 

The room was featured in The Stacks loft Christmas tour of homes here in Cabbagetown. Pretty cool! Thank you, Erika, for having me paint this piece - I'm glad it fit right in!

Monday, December 16, 2013

An Exciting Weekend

How was your weekend?

Our's was super busy, and really great. We started off with a progressive neighborhood dinner. There were 6 couples, and the first stop was at our house, for cheese and drinks. We also did an ornament swap, where each couple gave out an ornament at their house... it was fun!

Before the party, I added some garland to the outside of our house, along with some lights! I Actually added some planters with little trees and cabbages, too, but I snapped the photos before that.

festive, no?

Here's what it looked like at night:

I got white pine garland this year, and it's really pretty. I love the way it drapes! It's what I used on the inside of our house, too.

Anyway, onto the dinner pics!

Here's a photo I snapped when people were arriving...

 For the ornament exchange, I decided to paint my ornaments. I bought the cardboard/papery ones at Hobby Lobby that you paint yourself. They were brown to start with. Anyway, I painted them in all sort of matching color schemes, but each was different. I sealed them with water based polyurethane spray.

I was inspired by Rifle Paper Co's stationery. It's all so beautiful, and I love her color schemes. 

Here's one of my paint trays after I finished (I thought it was pretty)

Here's a funny picture from one of our house stops:

:) The girls.  

I also went to the Atlanta Ballet's version of The Nutcracker with all the girls in my mom's side of the family. It was so much fun! Christmasy events are the best. 

The most exciting news of the weekend, was that WE GOT A DOG! His name is Max. He's one year old, and some sort of terrier mix from the Humane Society of Atlanta. We had been talking and thinking about getting a for about a year now, and decided to finally pull the trigger on Saturday. We're so glad we did, because he is such a sweetie, and brings so much happiness to our house already. 

shaggy boy.

On the drive home from the Humane Society. i think he's smiling.

We laugh, because his fur is so so crazy. It looks like he has feathers on the top part of his head. Half chicken, half dog:

He had no problem settling right in, and getting comfy. :)

and, I know what you're thinking... Mika and him are "adjusting" to each other. They told us to take it slowly; to try and keep them separated for a while. As expected, Mika is keeping his distance naturally :) He's been hanging out upstairs mainly, and Max has been hanging out with us. Last night, we all hung out in our bedroom for a couple of hours. Max barked a lot at Mika, but poor Mika took it like a champ and hung out in the bedroom anyway. So, hopefully they'll learn to love each other in time. I hope eventually Mika enjoys having another pet at home with him, as a companion! 

Last but not least, today is the last day to enter my Hello contest. Pleaseplease 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Blogger Stylin Home Christmas Tour - My House

Hi! I'm back today with a tour of my home for Christmas. I love Christmas, and I love decorating for it. My mom always had several trees up during the Christmas season as a kid, and so I think that inspired me. The lights are just so cozy!

Anyway, I'm participating in the Blogger Stylin' Home Christmas Tour today, along with several other ladies. Here's the list:

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Head over and check out their homes after you see mine!

Anyway, onto the "tour". 

First up, the kitchen. Yes, I even have a tree in my kitchen. hah! I have had this vintage white tree for a few years now, and the past few years I've just rotated out trees (I actually own this one, a vintage red tinsel tree and a regular faux green tree. Christmas factory in my attic), but since we have room for lots of Christmas decor now, it came out! I bought several of the colorful plastic ornaments that Target has this year, to put on it. They're all sorts of colors, and the same size, which keeps it sort of organized, and the bright colors pop against the white. I especially love the neon ones and the hot pink. And, it's nice because they're plastic and Mika cant break them.

I added some $10 faux sheepskins from Ikea to the end chairs to "winter" it up a little. I'll probably keep them there all the time though, because I like the softness it adds to the space. 

I have this skinny tree that I bought several years ago at Hobby Lobby. It was turquoise, but I spray painted it gold this year!

I found these all-white ornaments at Lowe's and put them on there.

And my 3 vintage Santa's are on top of the refrigerator. My mom is awesome, and finds me all kinds of vintage Christmas decor! She's found tons over the years, and I'm so happy to have a house that's big enough to display everything now.

I also have lots and lots of little vintage balls, so I put some in this pottery piece that I have. The pottery is cool - I got it from a store called Miss Pixie's in DC that I always visit when I'm there seeing my brother. There are always treasures to be found!

next up, living room.

I put up our skinny faux tree again, which I still love. I bought some vintage looking skinny tinsel at Target, and I got that cool sparkly star at The Paris Market in Savannah recently. Isn't it pretty? It wouldnt stay on top of the tree, so I had to wire it on, haha. It kept falling down and glitter would go everywhere. It's pretty when it stays on, though! 

I also bought white pine garland and put it over the shelves that my dad and I made. I love it! I got vintage style bulb lights and strung those up, too. 

This photo shows some of my DIY ornaments from the past. Last year, I made those cube geo ornaments with little wooden blocks (they are selling something really similar this year at Target, hah). I also drew on those white clay ornaments to make the black and white ornament you see here. 

I'm using one of my vintage Mexican blankets as a tree skirt. 

I also hung these vintage stockings that I just got. I bought them at this cute store in Griffin (my hometown), Georgia for only $10 each. And they're handmade! The store is called Birds of a Feather. They always have the cutest vintage and handmade items.

Mika's is in the middle :)

Other than that, I just have some other Christmas items around the house...

Like in our powder bathroom, I have my vintage Santa collection:

And in our hallway, I have a little red hook thingie (I have no idea what it is, i got it at a junk store. I think it's actually one of those clip things that holds chips at a restaurant or something?) to hold our Christmas cards. 

And a couple of vintage bottle brush trees on our entry way console:
 photo IMG_1681_zps1fda1f3b.jpg

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enjoy! And a special thanks to Lindsay at White Buffalo Styling Co. for heading this whole thing up! It's a big project to organize, and it's been so nice seeing some virtual tours! If you want to find more on Instagram or Twitter, use the hashtag #bloggerstylinhometours. You can also find me there at @kristenfountaindavis

Thursday, December 12, 2013

This & That


phew, I made it through a busy, busy week, and now I just have work from the studio/home to do. Feels good! I did a GIGANTIC mural for Shoney's on Monday and Tuesday (inside of a mall. picture me, carrying a 6 foot ladder, a 4 foot ladder, a projector, and all my tools all the way inside of a mall. It was a funny scene), and then yesterday I had to go fix a client's cabinets that I painted this summer. The handyman accidentally messed up my finish, so I had to go save the day before her Christmas party on Friday. Can you believe it? Madness. I still have plenty of work left this week, but it's nice not to be rushing out the door at 8:30! 

Tomorrow, I'll be participating in the Blogger Stylin' Home Christmas decor tour. It's been awesome - have you guys had a chance to check it out? Lindsey arranged it, and I have enjoyed seeing everyone's Christmas decorations. I'm actually inspired to do a little more decorating before I snap photos and post them. Adding some more lights + garland to my house. They just make everything happy, don't they? So cozy and warm. 

Anyway, I wanted to show you guys my new oriental rug that came in from eBay last week. I do love it. It's so nice and warm on the feet. It's kind of funny - every time I go in there, Mika is sitting on it, all curled up. Must be comfy for the cat, too.

please excuse him in this photos - he thinks that every time we are in the bathroom with him, he's allowed to jump on the counters and we will turn the water on for him to drink out of the faucet. He may or may not mostly get his way.

You like? I love it. I'm still on the hunt for a shower curtain. I want colorful, unique, not boring. Why is this so hard? Maybe I'll just have one made. I really need to get out my old sewing machine and get it fixed. This could probably be solved with a trip to a fabric store and ten minutes of sewing time. 

I got the cute little Nate Berkus basket weave tray on clearance at Target for $6! I had been eyeing it all summer, and almost bought it several times. Sweet score. Talk about a score - wait 'til you see our new stockings I found yesterday. They are super awesome, and a total score. 

OK, that's all for now! There are only two days left to enter my Hello giveaway. Don't forget to 

thanks, dudes! have a great day.