Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vintage Paint

Recently, I went to a paint store, and they were still selling items from the '80's... and maybe even the '60's. HAH! In true blogger fashion, I took photos for evidence. 

I love going into stores or buildings that feel like you are stepping back in time, because nothing has been updated. That's how this store felt. I don't know who the people are that don't re-decorate for DECADES, but I always kind of appreciate it (probably because of the whole "grass is greener" thing... Appreciation for people that can live with things being the same for more than 6 months ;)). Anyway, not that this is decorating, but just keeping things the same for so long... is kind of cool.

Not that I would suggest buying paint that comes in a can like this:

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HAH. "Kalifornia Kolors" is my favorite. Very Saved By The Bell. These were still for sale, people. 

Possibly even funnier, is this paint:

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Definitely from the 60's, no? Or 70's? There's no way this paint is still good. But, I think the packaging is majorly cool, and I think the prices were still from the 70's, so it was a bit of a steal.

There was also some wallpaper that was leftover from the late 80's or early 90's:

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reminds me of shopping for wallpaper with my mom when my parents were building our house back in 89. yes, I remember picking out wallpaper when I was 6 years old. My wallpaper for my bathroom was white with little tiny pink bows on it, and I thought it was the most beautiful thing, ever. Also, I remember the countertops in my bathroom were white and pink swirl faux marble - also very beautiful. ;) Still to this day, the smell of a new house being built takes me back to those times. Isn't that weird? 

Anyway, not only do they have 80's wallpaper, but 60's wallpaper, too!

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oo la la!! :) 


  1. so old it becomes new......funny how that happens


  2. it was very cool... there was a ton of old stuff that clearly had been on the shelf for more than one decade! crazy.

  3. Oh my god! I also have early childhood memories of helping my mom pick out white with tiny pink bow wallpaper for my childhood bathroom! Too funny!!

  4. I have 3 of those enamel bottles! I just bought them from a church yard sale less than 3 months ago. As old as they are they seem perfectly fine. Though I don't know if there could be something in them that wouldn't be in today's products.

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