Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Room Service Atlanta

Last year, you might remember that I volunteered for the Room Service Atlanta project. It is such an awesome group volunteer effort, put together by Dayka and Erika, and I loved seeing how everything has turned out! I hated that my schedule didn't allow me to participate in the actual design this year, but I hope to be back on board the next go-round. 

Anyway, I was perusing my usual daily blog readings, and happened to stop by one of my favorites - Angela's.  My fellow blog friends (internet friends! nerd alert!) Angela, Lori and Rhoda teamed up to create a couple of rooms for the project this year, and my jaw dropped when I saw the fantastic look they put together. The modern, playful, masculine, COLORFUL rooms that they designed are killer. 

Please check out the photos that I borrowed from Angela's blog so I could show you guys!


Angela did the painting over the sofa - killer, right?!?! She is so talented.



The snack/desk area, opposite the sofa. 

So cool! 


Angela also did both of these paintings. I adore teensy canvases, I am always tempted to buy them for no reason every time I see them at Sam Flax. I havent bought any in a while, but maybe I will soon!

And here is the cool entry they did:


All the designers were working with this really bright wood paneling - in lots of places, they primed and painted over the paneling, but here it stayed. I love it with the checkered floor contrast.

GREAT job, ladies! Hope to see you all soon!


  1. Great spaces! As much as I love the grey painted panelling it's great to see how you can work with the timber as well. xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  2. What a sweet surprise, Kristen--thank you! We wish you could have been around the bustle last week. Next time!

  3. agreed, anna!

    angela you guys did such a great job!!

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