Thursday, October 11, 2012

Playroom Rules Artwork

I recently made this giant artwork (the canvas is almost as tall as me! Probably about 5 feet tall by 3.5 feet wide!) for a client's playroom... it just happens to be this fun playroom that I painted stripes in a few weeks ago!


My client was going with a periwinkle blue, orange and white color scheme. Don't you love it?!

I do!

Anyway, here is the artwork that I made:


it says,

"Playroom Rules
Everyone is welcome
Make Music
Use Kind Words
Ignore Mean ones
Say Please and Thank you
 laugh + giggle + be silly
Play Fair
Clean up After Yourself
Too much TV is Bad
Too much reading is GOOD
Use Your Imagination
Try New Things
Take care of your stuff
Share everything
say you're sorry
Have FUN!"

Fun, right? It might look like a brighter redder orange in your monitor - that is due to my editing skillz :) 

Its really a bright orange that matches the little bean bags perfectly! It's going on the wall above the chairs here:


And here are some detail shots:


it's slightly distressed so the orange shows through the white letters - kind of a fun contrast in the modern room.