Monday, October 1, 2012


Hey, folks.

I didn't have time to get a formal post together for you guys today, so I thought I'd share a little of what's been going on with me lately...

I found this awesome bottle opening at west elm this weekend.. I really have no need for a bottle opener, but I thought it was really cute: 

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And, I will be keeping it up year-round, though it's supposed to be a Halloween decoration.

Probably the most important thing that happened this weekend, was that my little brother got engaged! Congrats to David and Mary... I went over to their house Friday night to celebrate. Here's a picture of the happy couple, and their friend giving a toast:

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(now I'm itching to throw them an awesome engagement party)

second to David and Mary's engagement in importance, is me finding out that this exists:

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I found it at World Market yesterday... They had 4 versions of dogs in costumes on wine gift bags. Amazing. You may recall that I love Michael Jackson, and dressed up like him last year for Halloween.

last Friday, I stopped by Ace Hardware to pick up some essentials, and came across these cuties:

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baby chickens! I loved them, and really wanted to hold them. No touching. So I just watched. I want some chicks now!

Last Thursday, I drew this (from my instagram feed. My handle is kfddesigns if you care to follow.)

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I literally didnt realize what day it was. When I'm working at the studio, it's easy to get lost in time. Woops.

I planted some fall-time flowers at the studio:
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The planters have been empty for about a year, and now they look so much happier.

I painted this last week, too, and it's hanging in my living room now:

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I'll post a better picture of it soon!

last but not least, this was last weekend, but I wanted to share it anyway, because it's fun. My friend threw a "Great Gatsby" themed party, and here I am with a friend in costume:

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and no, I did not chop my hair off! I tucked it up and pinned it under to make it look like a bob. We are wearing an abundance of make-up, and Kardashian-style fake lashes... twas fun...I also made our little headbands... I really love a theme party, and am trying to decide what to be for Halloween this year.

hope you enjoyed this photo-dump! happy Monday.


  1. wow........all in the same weekend?

  2. Busy weekend! The Great Gatsby party looks like such fun!

    I have chickens and I'm hoping to get some chicks in the spring. They are so cute!

  3. caroline - I know! I love all your pets... I wish I had a yard - if I did, I would have chickens for sure.

  4. Fun post! Destiny

  5. Such a fun post to read through! I thoroughly enojoyed everything you shared :) have a fantastic weekend!


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