Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Fish's View" Painting

This post is funny, because I wrote the whole thing, posted it into my Etsy shop for sale, and before I even could blog about it to tell you guys it was for sale, it sold. Wow! Exciting.

I am going to start doing a lot more studio work in the coming months, which is a really exciting turn for me. I love working on canvases, and I have said it a hundred times - I adore color, and coming up with color combinations, so I can't wait to see where this road of non-commissioned paintings takes me.

This is the piece that I just finished, it's titled "Fish's View"


The main colors are:

sky blue
mint green
lime green
royal purple
geranium pink

All four sides of this canvas are painted too, and you can flip it around and hang it facing whichever way you like!





This is my favorite painting yet! I say that every time. But it's true!

I posted this photo on instagram last week, and one of my friends said, "It looks like what the goldfish in the pond must see when you throw the food in, and they come swimming up to get it"... I thought that was a perfect description... hence, the name!


  1. This turned out beautiful. I love that you truly finished the canvas by carrying the random pattern to the sides.

  2. It looks great! No wonder it sold so quickly!

  3. Gorgeous painting! I love everything about it.

  4. I love it!

    If you don't mind me asking, what brand/type paints do you use for canvas?

    You've inspired me to paint some of my own but I'm not sure my paints or brushes are top notch...

  5. thank you all!

    abby- i use whatever paint i have on hand - I own a looooot of paint! i mostly mix colors to get what i want -- rarely do i use a color straight out of the bottle.

    as for brushes, i like quality over quantity. i use the same ones over and over (one i like is a #8 round brush) and then when they're worn out i go and buy more of the same thing! i usually buy the nicer ones at sam flax - they're usually around $10 each.

  6. Love it. I was curious about how much it was going to go for, but it sold too fast!!

    I have you in mind for a future project for me - we will have to talk eventually.

  7. That painting is so pretty and cheerful! Love it!

  8. I thought that may be the case. Thank you so much for responding. I absolutely LOVE your work!

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