Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Faux Succulents

Well, I have done something really tacky. After about 3 failed attempts to keep a grouping of succulents alive this summer, I decided (randomly) to buy some fake ones today at Hobby Lobby. 

I removed all the 90% dead ones in my white planter, and decided to just stick them into the soil that I had. Feels more real that way?

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Like I said, this was kind of a random happening, as I was perusing Hobby Lobby, I saw a whole end-cap full of fake-but-realistic succulents (and they were 50% off). I grabbed several, and the whole group was about $17. That was less than the cost of all the real ones I killed. Succulents are weird plants to me... they either live forever (I've had some in my house for 3+ years!) or they die within a couple of months. Hm. Any advice?!

Anyway, I just placed them into the pot, and I think they look pretty!

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I placed them slightly randomly, and slightly planned. I didn't want it to look perfect... So I had the two middle ones symmetrical, and then two different types on either side. A great place to look for inspiration is the West Elm or CB2 catalogs - both have great succulent planters and gardens. 

Here's where it sits at my house (this was taken at night, by my phone, so it's not the best photo)

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I painted this little dresser mint green about a month ago. It makes me happy... and I also painted the painting above the dresser about a month ago. I need to take proper photos of this for you guys, too!

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(the whole area)


  1. Looks good! I have also killed succulents, it's not just you :)

  2. Succulents seem to be the only thing I can keep alive!

    Also, I am IN LOVE with that painting! Please please PLEASE tell us how you did it?

  3. I love your succulent solution! I too have terrible luck with any kind of plant ... with one exception - orchids! They've been all over the home design magazines for some time, but here's one that brightened my powder bath when placed on a metal cart that I thrifted for $3 and repainted! Enjoy!

  4. nicole - i will check that out!!

    jennifer - I have one that will be for sale very soon just like it!

  5. I have a fern that I'm trying desperately not to kill...but alas he seems to be fading on me. I think succulents are a good plant to fake because even the real ones look a little rubbery..would be hard to tell!

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