Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bella Acrylic Paint

A few months ago, I was asked to come up with some do-it-yourself craft projects for the Bella acrylic paint line, which is now in all Home Depot stores. I had strict parameters of what I could and couldn't do, so I did my best to come up with cool projects, including an Independence Day-themed project (which was intimidating at first, but I actually kind of love the little planters I painted).

There are two sets of Bella paint - a metallic series, and a solid colors series. Each is very reasonably priced at around $6 a set -- perfect for small crafts projects, and kids projects.

here is what the back of the set looks like (the projects!)

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and the front of the set:

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hey, I know this chick:

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The paints are located in the Martha Stewart section - see them towards the top of the bottom shelves?

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Custom Boat Steering Wheel Stencil

Hey guys!

Last week, I was commissioned to create a custom boat steering wheel stencil for a little boy's nursery. We wanted the wheels to inter-connect, and to create a pattern. My client didn't necessarily want the wheels to read as what they were, so making them connect, and create a more discreet pattern was part of the goal.

We were both really happy with how they turned out...


I did the pattern on two different walls; the wall that the crib is on, and the wall across from it. The other two walls are painted a soft gray.



I'm not sure where the airplane light fixture is from, but isn't it cute?




Like I said, I hand-made this stencil, and it is not for sale. I will show you guys how the stencil worked this week on the MyColor blog!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

MyColor Blog Post

Please head over to the Mycolor blog to check out some artwork that a reader made, inspired by your's truly :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Penny Tile

Yesterday, I spent about 3 hours working on penny tiling a table. Have you guys ever tried penny-tiling? It's not usually my "thing", but I have always wanted to try my hand at it, and when a client requested it, I jumped at the idea.

So far, so good! 

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I got $25 in pennies, but I am going to have to go back for more tomorrow! When I am done with this table, I am going to post what kind of square footage you get with pennies. I couldn't find that info anywhere online, so it was very hard to gage my tiling needs. 

Yesterday, I was just placing the pennies and gluing them in place. Tomorrow will be the sealer. 

I decided placing them felt like Tetris (best game ever).

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I can't imagine penny tiling an entire floor. Such a cool look, but it would take forever! Maybe there is a faster method I'm not aware of. Anyone know?

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Stay tuned for my real "after" shot. If you have any advice for me, or know of a way that people do this in a faster way than placing each penny by hand, let me know! I'm curious. It's fun to do, either way!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Spoonflower Curtains

I finally got a chance to snap some photos of the curtains that I made from some fabric I bought at Spoonflower.  I did this about 3 or 4 months ago. This was the first time I'd bought anything at Spoonflower, and I really loved all the options I saw on the site. Sometimes, the fabrics you see in stores is just a little too boring, and a little too beige, ya know? We have some great fabric store options in Atlanta, but I find they tend to carry fabrics that are very much on the "safe" side, so exploring my options at Spoonflower was so much fun. They have lots of colorful, hip, and cool fabrics at all kinds of price-points. I ended up going for the Basic Combed Cotton option, but I think, in retrospect, I should've used a nicer option. This fabric was only $17.95 a yard though, and now I know! I probably should've bought the Heavy Cotton Twill for curtains, because mine is very thin, but I still like them, and I can always go back and blackout-line them in the future. I'm thinking I might do that. 

Anyway, enough blabbing, here are the pictures!


I just made the curtains the easy way that I always make curtains. I lay the fabric on the ground, and use stitch-witchery to iron and adhere the edges under. I used curtain clips to hang them. It's so, so easy, and if you are looking for a tutorial, I blogged about it 2 years ago here. 

The fabric that I chose was by Spoonflower designer Fable Design, and the collection is from the Spring line here. I actually did think the fabric was going to be more coral and less orange, but oh well, I still liked it (and to be fair, Spoonflower recommended that they send me a sample first so that I could see the fabric before ordering my bolts, but I was impatient and ordered all my yardage first!). 

I was going to put them in our living room, but I decided to put them in the bedroom instead, when I saw that the orange matched the orange on the bedskirt, and I thought the downstairs living room needed white curtains. I switched them out. 

Remember when I lengthened the bedskirt a while back by adding orange "trim"?



(please ignore the mess in/next to my bedside table here!)



Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How To Use Primer

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A while back, I took these photos because I get a lot of questions about priming, and I wanted to show you guys how I prime. There are two number one rules that you have to remember (which can be a little hard):

1. If the surface you're painting over is oil-based, you MUST use an oil-based primer on top (you can also use an oilbased primer if the surface is latex and you want maximum durability). From there, (after you are finished priming) you can either use oil-based paint OR latex paint. Oil based primer is generally known to be slightly more durable than latex primer, so if you are painting a weird surface like laminate or wood, you should use oil based primer. Also, if you are trying to cover old wood stain, use oil based primer, because it is an stain blocker. Sometimes, it'll take more than one coat to really keep that old stain from coming through.

2. If the surface you are painting over is a latex paint, you can use latex primer. From there, you can use a latex paint or an oil-based paint (basically, the moral of the story is that oil based paint or primer will go on top of anything, but it is a pain to use).

These are the tools I use when applying primer:

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I use Chip brushes (cheapie ones) that I can throw away with oil based primer, because I don't want to worry about trying to clean out my nice brushes with mineral spirits. I also use a furniture roller with a foam roller cover.

You have to have mineral spirits when you are working with oil based primer. I use it to thin out the primer, and let it go on more smoothly. You'll also use it to clean any little drips or mistakes.

And lastly, you paint it on, but you are not so worried about making it pretty as you are coverage and making sure you don't have drips and "globs" that will show through your paint job. I always warn my clients that the primer job is never pretty!

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Happy Priming! :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Custom Quadrille Stencil

Recently, I made a stencil inspired by Quadrille's Edo pattern. Each of these little squares are about a inch and a half in length... it was an intense pattern! I don't have the "After" shots yet, but you guys are going to LOVE the end result. The pattern is in the exposed toy closet walls, but the rest of the walls of the nursery are grasscloth, with modern baby furniture and some framed records on the wall. It's going to be an awesome nursery. The designer is Heather of HHR Interiors...always perfect, if you ask me!

Anyway, I had a couple of progress shots I thought I'd share with you guys...

here is me making the stencil (via Instagram...my instagram username is kfddesigns if you care to follow!)

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It was pretty crazy, cutting all those tiny patterns.

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First round...I ended up having to do about 5 founds of touch ups. It was crazy, but the results were good. Stay tuned!

Friday, July 13, 2012

MyColor Blog Post

Please head over to the MyColor blog today, to see how I made this zig zag shelf for my bathroom, out of a cheapie $5 shelf from Target!


I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bathroom Mini Update

Hi! Did you guys read my Mycolor inspired by Pantone blog post about the decorative trashcan I painted? I'm still loving that trashcan (it lives next to my dresser in my bedroom now), but I wondered if you guys noticed the difference in my bathroom?

This is what it was looking like about a month ago: 

The "Black Horizon" walls were great for about 2 years, but in the bathroom, they began to get dingy fast (our bathroom is teeny tiny). I decided I prefer a cleaner, brighter look (well, who am I kidding, for now at least!) so I made a few changes. I was considering new tilework, but I think I'm holding off on it for now. I still would love white subway tile in the shower (to the ceiling), and carrera marble tile on the floors. Anyway, I mixed a few colors I had in the studio together, and created a reallllly light gray (almost white) for the walls:


You like? I also replaced that light fixture, as you know. It was initially a cheapie ($30) one from Lowe's, and I spraypainted it in the dark oil rubbed bronze. I also sprayed a little dark hammered black spraypaint. Both were by Rustoleum. The final look is a custom color light fixture that I like. I would prefer a brushed nickel or chrome look, but all of our door knobs. hinges, and fixtures in the bathroom are oil rubbed bronze, and I'm not changing those. 

Other things I did are replace the shower curtain (I got a simple white linen one with a white border from Pottery Barn), and the old shower curtain rod, which was plastic white, and put in a brushed nickel one from Target. I justified brushed nickel there because the little shelf that we have in the bathroom is also silvery. Finally, I bought a silver trashcan from target too, and called it a day (we needed something more substantial than the decorative one in there, I thought). 

Hope you like my mini-makeover. I really need to re-shoot my whole house! Things have really changed, but I have been a crazy-busy lady (aren't we all?), and haven't had a chance to re-photograph. 

here is a photo from my blog about the trashcan. Head on over there if you missed it! I painted a cheapie $6 trashcan from Hobby Lobby in a cute zebra/chevron pattern, trimmed it in gold, and created a cute look for a powder room. 

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

House Of Fifty Article About KFD Designs

Talking in major third person in the title above :)

BUT! Today is the release of the new House of Fifty quarterly interiors magazine. Thanks so much to Lakeitha for the great article, and thanks again to Janell for including me in so much that she does! I owe those guys big...

I hope you guys enjoy the article. It was kind of fun to talk about my work in a different way than normal, and to be able to answer questions that readers may (or may not?) have. Shout out to my talented friend Chad Baker for the photos, too. We did this photoshoot back in February in the studio...it was a good old fashioned cold time.

Anyway, go check out the article! The article starts on page 143. 




Monday, July 9, 2012

Flowery Abstract Painting for sale!



I finally finished this canvas that I painted, and it's listed on etsy for sale!

It's 20"x 24", and it's made of mixed media - mostly acrylic paint on canvas, with a glossy sealer. Shipping is included in the purchase, because it should be about $50.00 here in the US.

I hope you guys like it! The main colors are coral, white, chartreuse, mint green, pinks, lavender, turquoise and yellow. It'd be great for a nursery or any other feminine space.


For some reason, the photo is showing up a little highly saturated here.

I painted it horizontally, but I think I like it vertically too:


This photo is a little out of focus, but I think the colors are best displayed here.




Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mycolor Blog post! DIY Handpainted Trashcan Tutorial

Head on over to the MyColor Inspired by Pantone Paints blog to see how I made this decorative trashcan. Please leave a comment over there, and let me know what you think!

Monday, July 2, 2012



I'm back with a short post about a project that I am wrapping up today (then I'll spill the beans on what all I did...) This is at a client's modern farmhouse, and she is doing a complete renovation. She hired me to give some "age" to her bright colors, and it was such a fun job. I love clients that aren't afraid of color. Anyone want to join my no-more-beige brigade?

I tried to post several pics from the project, but Photobucket is giving me issues, and taking forever to upload, so you only get one! Sorry. I'll try and write a longer post about this big house project soon!

Anyway, I'll share this photo of a finish I did on a dining room with turquoise walls


I love clients that aren't afraid of color. Doesn't it remind you of an Anthropologie catalog?