Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Canvas Painting

As you all know, I often get canvas painting commissions. This one came in again from Lauren Leitner, who is a designer down in Florida. I also did this painting for a client of her's a couple of months ago, and just finished this new one last week.

My pics don't do the colors justice, and I probably should've photographed it in my studio with the natural light on it, but instead I took pictures in my living room (with soccer playing on the tv behind it, no less - ugh!)...but hopefully you get the idea.

I think it seems really happy. It's going in a baby girl's nursery over the crib, and I think it's perfect for that!

The background color is a coral - not orange. Not sure what it's looking like on peoples' monitors. I always hate sending pictures of things to clients, because the colors are often misrepresented, and the composition always seems weird, too.

detail shot:


I'll post the picture that Lauren sends me of the painting hanging in its new home as soon as I get it!

If you'd like to commission a canvas (they can be shipped anywhere!), please email me at


  1. these are so awesome! no more cupboards for you... (unless you choose it)... i foresee full time studio artist in your future ;-))) so talented!

  2. Love this one! The colours are amazing, this nursery must be really fun!

  3. Oh man! I looooooooooove this!

  4. Kristen, very fun, bright and love the color palette!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artist Series

  5. Hey Kristen, how do you usually ship them out? Wrapped in Cardboard, wood box, UPS, US Postal? I have several commission pieces about to ship but I'm not sure the best way to go about it. HOLLA!

  6. oh, man. I'm in love! That's so fun and perky!

  7. thanks, everyone!

    jason - i ship using FedEx! Ill message you the details on facebook.

  8. Oh wow, I love it!! It's so fun for a nursery, and heck, I'd hang it in my living room!

  9. Love it! Cheerful, confetti goodness!

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  11. So fabulous Kirsten! I really think you ought to try oil--it's awesome for amping up the texture and shine. Good luck with everything!

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  13. And so fantastic Kirsten! I consider you need to attempt oil--it's amazing Ibeacons for amping in the structure in addition to stand out. Enjoy with everything!

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