Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Stencil Pattern!

A few weeks ago, I created this custom stencil for my clients. They live in a high-rise, 15 stories up, located on the most desirable street in midtown -- Peachtree Street. A very cool location, in a corner unit, with windows on both sides. A fantastic backdrop for cool decor!

The walls were basecoated in a light, icy blue, and I painted my pattern on with a pearly white metallic paint (this is in the master bedroom. I also did an accent stencil wall in the dining area, which I will show you guys later). As you know, I like to make my own stencils, and this one was no different.

here are my tools used to make the stencil:

I use craft paper to create the pattern. I fold my paper in 4's, then cut the pattern out with scissors to make sure it's even. After that, I trace it onto the plastic sheeting, then cut it out with a razor blade on a cutting mat.

the clear sheeting is taped down so it doesn't move around:

So, yes, I painted each one of those medallions (not sure what the term for this shape would be? Medallion sounds wrong...suggestions?) by hand!


I like how it creates a pattern with the stencil itself, but it also creates a reverse pattern with its outside, lined up against itself.


I know it's hard to see, but this is the wall that the bed goes on (it was moved for me to paint!).


Woo! I'm dying to do this pattern in a more graphic colorway, like chocolate and cream, or black and white!


  1. Your talent astounds me. Truly. Share the love!

  2. you are too sweet...thank you :)

  3. Oh to be able to make this look so easy like you do! And, and white asap. That would be killer!

  4. I like how you start your stencil tutorial, but I'd love to see the actual stencil after you cut it out.

    Shape name suggestion: shield

  5. thanks guys!

    rob - i will try and post it, if i remember. for some reason, i didn't take a pic of it the day that i did this - no idea why. it looks like the shape, though ;)

  6. This is stunning. I second rob :-).
    Was the wall initially silver and you painted the bluish color over that?

  7. thank you! i was going to take a stencil photo yesterday, but i found it at the studio, and apparently the plastic i used to make the stencil with was too thin, because its now curled up and un-usable (and a picture would've been pointless, as it didn't look like anything). :( the wall was blue, and i painted the silver on.

  8. Very nice. I agree with the other poster. You make things look so easy. And the part about your talent being astounding!... Ali

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