Friday, April 27, 2012

In Her Shoes Guest Post At Effortless Style!

Today, I guest blogged for Camila over at Effortless Style. Camila's blog is one of my favorites, so I was honored that she asked me to participate in the "In Her Shoes" series, documenting my whole day. Head over if you want to check out a little peek into my daily life...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some things.

So, I thought I'd write a little post, to kind of update you on what's going on in my house! I'm redoing the living room (kind of), and have made a few recent purchases/changes that I thought I'd show you guys. I'm kind of in a weird place with my living room. I don't love it yet, and I'm not sure what I want to do to make myself love it. Last year, when I redid it, I knew exactly what I wanted, and exactly what I wanted to buy, and did it, and I loved it. This time, it's a slower process. I know I'll figure it out, but the slow journey is kind of annoying me. Oh's just home decor. 

Anyway, remember my little bamboo chair that I bought for $20? I had the cushions redone, and I picked them up Monday. I love them!

here it was "before" again:

I bought the fabric at Forsyth Fabrics. I couldn't find a link on their site to my exact fabric, so I don't know who makes it! Anyway, you all know that I sprayed my chair emerald already. I had Fast and Great Upholstery make the cushions. Lots of people ask where I have things reupholstered, and this is where I go! They also did my sofa last year. 



I also recently had this light fixture that I bought at Lowe's installed over our little breakfast table. I also love this thing! I have an Edison bulb in it, and I love the warm, soft glow that it leaves. There was not an electrical outing where this was before, so he had to create a new spot, but I think it was a good choice. There were five holes in the ceiling/wall that the electrician made, so I got to try my hand at sheetrock hole filling - it was really easy. If you are in Atlanta and need a good/dependable electrician, let me know!

Lastly, I bought this little side table at Urban Outfitters

It's nice and sturdy, and I like the gold that it brings to the room. It's a good find! All in all, I want to get different chairs for the little breakfast table area, and some curtains. I just feel like the space needs a little bit of funk/crazy/modernity/rustic-ness. It's feeling a little formal right now, which is annoying me, because I'm not a formal kind of girl. I'm really digging Jenny from My Favorite and My Best's style - I love all her moodboards. I need a little bit of her pumped into this room (that sounds weird). Anyway...I'll figure it out! That's part of the fun of designing your own space, and not someone else''s ok to get stuck. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

MyColor Blog Post!

Head on over to my MyColor inspired by Pantone blog, to see how my brother (pictured below) and I made some cool, modern artwork on the cheap!

please let me know what you think, and if you have any questions!

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Canvas Commission

I've been getting a lot of canvas commissions lately, which I really love. Abstract canvas artwork is not as easy at it seems, but I think that when it is done well, it really adds a lot to a room. I read on Sketch 42's blog the other day, a great quote about modern/abstract artwork. She was visited the MoMa, and was observing the famous One: Number 31 painting by Jackson Pollack, and wrote this: 

 "Pollock made his paintings while laying them on the floor. He used a combination of paints, motions and textures to create all over paintings, that while seemingly random and chaotic (a chief criticism of his work), is actually, if you look up close, completely un-random. The artists choices and master-y are all over the painting, and while this may look “easy”, sometimes you can tell how good a piece is, by how crappy its imitators look by comparison. Like all abstract art, it looks easy to do,  but when done badly, its just such an EPIC fail."

Such a true statement about abstract art! It is NOT easy to get abstract art "right," no matter that many people feel that it's elementary and easy. I often feel that it is 100 times easier to draw a sketch of a person or an object with accuracy than to do a painting like this. I think one of the hardest things is knowing when to stop...knowing when to let negative space be negative space, and when to add color or movement. I will sometimes paint a hundred paintings "under" a painting, in order to get the right look or feel. I should probably make a stop-motion video of the process of painting a canvas like this. So many layers involved!

 Anyway, enough blabbing I guess... I wanted to share this piece with you. I love how organic it has a feel of cloudiness...almost like looking at earth from space...but then some places feel like you are looking at a piece of marble or a rock under a microscope. Nature is cool like that...not to be imitated, but such distinctness in form. 

My client was specific about the colors she wanted...blues...greens...yellows. I love the mints and turquoises, and I really like the areas that kind of look like tie-dye!


This is it, propped up against the back of my Jeep before I shipped it. Not a prime place to be photographed, but it'll do. 



If you want to commission a canvas, please email me at .. they are shippable!

Friday, April 20, 2012

an early peek...

This room is not completed, but I could not wait to show you guys a peek of what I did yesterday. I showed you the stencil that I was making, which is inspired by Quadrilles Wildflowers II fabric.

The room is being redone as a surprise for an anxious little girl's 6th birthday (due next week!). The walls have been painted the prettiest pale dusty lilac, and I came in to do the stencil. This room is being decorated by the talented Claire Watkins, and I ADORE the built-in's that were added. I was able to see a few of the selected decor choices, and you guys are going to love this room when it's all said and done!

Anyway, here is what I did yesterday:


(I was in the middle of touch-ups, so that's why one of the flowers was missing on the wall in this shot!)

I love that this pattern is clearly floral in nature, but it's not screaming's a simple, modern flower, in almost a block print style.

You like?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Studio Time

Yesterday, was a day at the studio for me. Ahhhhh. I say " ahhh", because it is quite nice to work there, but actually, when I'm there, I am working more non-stop than ever, because there are lots and lots of projects to get done. To name a few, I worked on...

painting my chair green!
You can't tell here, but it's actually the perfect shade of emerald. It looks kelly green here, but it has an ever so slight hint of blue in that green, that makes it more emerald. Of course that shade wasn't available in a spraypaint can, so I bought a quart of high gloss paint and sprayed it with my paint sprayer. After doing a coat of spray primer, I did 2 coats of paint. I can't wait to bring it home after work today!

I got started on a new painting. It's just the beginning, but I like where it's going...
flowy and natural and coral. I do these very organic looking shapes with lots of water and paint, and since it's thick with both, it takes forever to dry. It doesn't help that it was rainy in Atlanta today, so I had to keep it inside. Rainy/humid weather is the WORST for paint drying. But, at least it's great for coffee drinking. I had about 4 cups.

created a new stencil that I'm using today! I'll of course let you guys know how it goes.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Stencil Pattern!

A few weeks ago, I created this custom stencil for my clients. They live in a high-rise, 15 stories up, located on the most desirable street in midtown -- Peachtree Street. A very cool location, in a corner unit, with windows on both sides. A fantastic backdrop for cool decor!

The walls were basecoated in a light, icy blue, and I painted my pattern on with a pearly white metallic paint (this is in the master bedroom. I also did an accent stencil wall in the dining area, which I will show you guys later). As you know, I like to make my own stencils, and this one was no different.

here are my tools used to make the stencil:

I use craft paper to create the pattern. I fold my paper in 4's, then cut the pattern out with scissors to make sure it's even. After that, I trace it onto the plastic sheeting, then cut it out with a razor blade on a cutting mat.

the clear sheeting is taped down so it doesn't move around:

So, yes, I painted each one of those medallions (not sure what the term for this shape would be? Medallion sounds wrong...suggestions?) by hand!


I like how it creates a pattern with the stencil itself, but it also creates a reverse pattern with its outside, lined up against itself.


I know it's hard to see, but this is the wall that the bed goes on (it was moved for me to paint!).


Woo! I'm dying to do this pattern in a more graphic colorway, like chocolate and cream, or black and white!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MyColor Blog post!

To see how I painted these DIY chevron curtains, head to the MyColor inspired by Pantone blog today! Leave comment, and let me know if you have any questions.

Monday, April 16, 2012



What did you guys do this weekend? I decided to start a project that has been sitting around for a couple of weeks (in my house!), and I snapped some photos along the way. It's not done, but it will be next Saturday, so Ill be sure and share photos then.

I bought this bamboo chair at the Value Village for $20:

Loved the bamboo-ness, but the pillows were hideous. I dropped them off at the upholsterers on Saturday, to be covered in a fabric I found at Forsyth Fabrics. I was going to do leopard printed pillows for the sofa, but I already bought the refurbished kilim rug pillow for the sofa, and I didn't want to have 3 pillows on the sofa (overkill- guests would always have to be moving them), so I decided to do the pillow for this chair in a cute leopard. Leopard is the new neutral...

And I decided to paint the chair a color inspired by this jar:

First, I had to remove the casters. This ended up taking about 3" off of the chair, so now it's a little short. I definitely don't want it on casters, so do you guys have suggestions of what I could put at the bottoms of the legs instead? I need help here!


this little piece of info was on the inside of the chair. Pretty funny. "Don't smoke when drowsy"...


I do like the natural color of the wood, but this chair is going in a boring corner of the room, so I thought it needed some color. I love this emerald color that I selected, so hopefully it turns out pretty!

here it is all primed:
(boring, I know)

I'll have photos of the finished product soon.
Of course I couldn't find a spraypaint color in this shade (annoying), so I bought a highgloss quart of paint, and plan to spray it on this week.

Anyway, I got started priming it yesterday.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Stencil Making for The Borgias Unveiled

As I mentioned a few times before, I recently was involved with helping create the backdrops for Heather Hogan Robert's window display for the Borgias Unveiled event. When Heather called and asked if I'd be interested in painting the backdrops, I said yes with no hesitation! What an honor to be involved in such a cool event (Thanks Heather!). We were under a tight, fast deadline that, at times, had us pulling our hair out. But, it all came together in the end, and the result was pretty great.

Anyway, I wanted to show you a few photos of the process of creating my backdrops. Suite Spot (The store that hosted) already had big set backdrops made for another event they hosted, but they were covered in a concrete like faux finish, that was going to be impossible to paint over. So, instead, I bought pieces of thin particleboard (I'm really not sure exactly what it's called) at Lowe's, and had them cut into 2'x8' pieces. I had to have each "wall" add up to 12'by 8' ,but I had to have my pieces cut into 2' divides due to the fact that they wouldn't fit into my Jeep otherwise! Kind of crazy, but it worked. After I painted them at my studio, I nailed them to the previously-made backdrops at Suite Spot.

here the boards are once I laid them down on the floor at the studio:

I painted them on the floor like this. I used the MyColor inspired by Pantone "Phantom" for the background:


I let that dry, and got to work on my custom stencil. There are several scenes in the show with this cool (weird) star pattern in the background, and Heather and I KNEW we had to use it when we saw it! It was easier said than done, though. It was really hard to make, because the pattern interlocks with itself, so it's kind of never-ending.

I practiced drawing the pattern for a while, before I finally figured out how I was going to make it work.


(my iPad shows the pattern in the background on a photo from the show. PS - Dad, do you see I'm making good use of my iPad?!? :))


I drew it out on a piece of paper before I traced it onto my plastic. I used really thick plastic from Sam Flax for this. It was very hard to cut, but made a really durable stencil that I'll be able to use again.


After I traced it onto my plastic with a permanent marker, I then cut out the shapes with a razor blade. It probably took 2 hours from start to finish.

After that, I was ready to put it to use! This was the exciting part.


It got dirty while I was doing it, so I had to finish it up wearing socks. The studio floor is, how shall we say...dirty. It wiped right off, though. After I did those first two stars, I was elated that my stencil and hard work paid off.


you might notice that the two panels closest to me when taking this photo are still wet with black paint. we had a little mis-measuring mishap that caused for some fun "drama" and crunch-time insanity on my part..but I went out and got two more panels and got them painted ;) plus, I was able to show my friends in the lumber department of Lowe's what I was actually doing with those boards they cut for me. I am good pals with all the dudes in the lumber department, though I'm pretty sure they're always wondering what the heck I'm up to :)

all done! I was a happy girl with a sore back (story of my life) after this!

here they are, all done, propped up against the windows at the studio:
(I thought they looked kind of cool in there)

here I am touching up the wall, after I nailed them to the backdrop.

anyway, hope you enjoyed that long story!

Here is our final product for that room, incase you missed it:

so, now for contest info! Here is the info I got from the publicist that we are working with. This whole event is actually a contest to win a trip to Italy, plus a pretty incredible shopping spree worth $5000 (holy moly!) to Vintage and Modern. Pretty ridiculously awesome, no? Please vote for us! I'll love you forever. Anyway, here is the info:

Westside homestore Suite Spot recently partnered with Showtime and Vintage and Modern on a national design project called "Borgias Unveiled" to promote the cable channel's premiere of The Borgias second season. Ten select designers in ten cities (Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, DC, Miami and Dallas) were chosen to create window installations in high-end retail stores based on themes (lust, greed, love, etc.) from the show.

We are encouraging Atlantans to vote for Heather Hogan Roberts of HHR Interiors, who designed Suite Spot's "Love" window, at The deadline for voting is April 19.

Heather's signature design aesthetic - vintage upholstered furnishing, unique anchor pieces and what she likes to call a "bit of lipstick and rouge" - coupled with Kristen Fountain Davis' decorative painting and Suite Spot's timeless products beautifully reflect 15th century design with a modern twist.

As part of the competition - "The Borgais Unveiled Sweepstakes" - everyone who votes will be entered to with the grand prize of a trip to Italy including round-trip airfare courtesy of Delta Air Lines, five nights at the Westin Europa & Regina in Venice, a private tour of the Monte Del Fra Winery and a $5,000 gift card to spend on BORGIAS-inspired d├ęcor at

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Two New Kids' Rooms!

Hi! I feel like I've been a little absent lately...short posts...not much time...spring is my busiest time of year, and I feel like a crazyperson. But, good-crazy.

Anyway, I wanted to show you guys two rooms for two different little girls (sisters) that I completed last week. Their mom loves color and creativity, so she let me run wild, and I had fun. First up, was this polka-dotted little girl's room that you may have seen on my MyColor blog:


They'd already done the stripe and the "Gabrielle" letters with the brown dots, but I came in and added the multi-colored polka dots, which coordinate with her new "big girl" bedding. She's getting new bedding because she is making room for a new baby sister! Her room is featured below:


I love clients that aren't scared of color.

I coordinated my stripes with her butterfly bedding.


The room was sort of inspired by this room, which I did last year:

hope you enjoyed seeing what I've been busy with! I painted two other accent walls and a playroom last week as well. Stay tuned for those!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MyColor Blog post!

Head over to my MyColor inspired by Pantone paints blog today, to see my post about creating dots! Let me know what you think in the Mycolor comments section, and if you have a great project using polka dots, please send it my way :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Reader Inspiration

Sarah Dorsey wrote to me the other day, showing me her inspiration from one of my stencil designs. I'm so glad she did, because she did an AMAZING job. Check it out:




she and her husband made this awesome stencil, then painted on their accent wall. I really loved how it turned out (and that little yellow table is fantastic, too!).



thanks for sending Sarah!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Canvas Work

Remember this painting that I did a couple of weeks ago? Well, I got an email from my client, and she sent pictures of the painting in its home. I love it!


The wall behind the painting is Benjamin Moore's Ferret Brown, which the designer told me ahead of time, so I was able to work in a brown that is close, so that it complements it, and doesn't fight it. This is the nice thing about commissioned paintings, versus buying something off the shelf (plus, employing artists is always a good thing. I may be biased when saying that, though).

I adore Lauren's design work here. There are about a dozen things in this room that I'd gladly take into my home :)

(other side of the same room. It's a doctor's office waiting area in Florida)

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great weekend.


p.s. if you are interested in commissioning a canvas painting, please email me at Shipping is available.