Friday, March 9, 2012

My New Chair!

So, you may recall that I used to have this cute little chair in our living room:

I still love this chair, and I'm not getting rid of it, but something better suited for us came my way. Jordan and I both wanted something with a higher back, that you could actually lean up against, and sit in comfortably. I went back and forth with lots of options, but I couldn't decide what exactly I wanted. Standard wingback chairs were too feminine and formal to me (though I do love them, in the right space), and the rest of the ones that I seemed to find were just slipper chairs, similar to what we already had.


I went into World Market last week, and found my match! It's called the Triton High Back Chair, and it's in the color called "Wheat." I love that it mimics a wingback, but it's modern at the same time. It's pretty comfy, too!

check her (him?) out:
I like that it's a solid neutral, too, and not the same color as the sofa. I think this will help with my "issues" with sticking with something for a long time. After all, I still love my sofa :)


Right now, I'm trying to figure out what I'd like to hang over the sofa. I think we need something either rustic or modern or both. I'm considering making some sort of mirror contraption. Maybe a starburst mirror with salvaged wood around it? It hasn't hit me yet. I think the room needs a little something modern and rustic though, I don't want it to feel to formal or feminine. I was also considering trying to find a little rustic or modern table for beside the chair. hmmm...we shall see.

So what do you think? Do you like my new addition? I do!


  1. World Market is hitting it out of the ballpark these days. Loving lots of their furniture and accessories. You're living room is evolving beautifully. Can't wait until your next creation 'hits ya.' I'm sure it'll be killer!

  2. hello, world market!! who would've thought? it's perfect. can't wait to see what you come up with for over the doubt, it'll be awesome.

  3. dana, i know! they actually had a cute little side table that i may go back and get, too.

  4. I think it is fabulous!! Love it! I do have a question though.... What kind of rug is in your living room? Jute? I am wanting a neutral type rug in my living but the hubster wants it to soft underfoot too. I have a sisal rug in my bedroom and it is a little rough on our feet (but I still love it). Anyways I just love your rug :0)

  5. I can't wait to see some wide shots of the space! One question, I remember you mentioned you picked up the fabric for your sofa at Hancocks ... can you tell me what it is? Duck canvas?

  6. anon - i will post them as soon as i get more done in here! and yes, it was white cotton duck fabric from hancock!

  7. Love this chair, saw it the other day. We're considering two of them for our family room/library area. I saw lots of great stuff at WM while we were picking up a new rug.

    @Melissa - we have a jute rug from WM in our entry way. It's soft underfoot and takes a lot of abuse from us. I will say its dirty for a while, meaning when you take it up to dustmop (which I do since it's only 3x5), there was a pile of dirt under it everytime. If I was to do it again, I'd still get it but I'd give it a good shake outside and let it air out a bit before bringing it in. I've since added a rug pad and it's gotten much better.

  8. Looks gorgeous! I wish I could afford World Market furniture. My hubbs can't even take me in WM without me fauning over everything... Lol! If only if only...

  9. As much as I love the yellow framed funky chair I think the neutral chair makes this room look very grown up, its coming of age!

  10. melissa,

    it's a jute rug. it is very comfy on the feet, but my only complain against jute vs sisal, is that sisal stays in place better! in a living space, i think sisal might be the way to go.

    michelle ,

    yes, i loved my little yellow chair and i'm still going to use it somewhere, just not sure where right now! in our next house, for sure. this chair is more "grown up" for sure!


    i know, world market is knocking it out of the park these days!!

  11. I also like chairs with long backs. That's a good find you got. Yeah, it's a modern version of those wingback chairs. Perhaps you can place a small table beside the chair. Did you go for the stardust mirror? I'd love to see how the room turned out.

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