Thursday, January 19, 2012

thinking about it...

I've been thinking about painting the lower halves of my kitchen cabinets a darker gray or putty are a couple of examples of what I'm thinking:

I love the gray of this kitchen island. If we had an island, I'd do that, but since we don't, I was thinking about just the bottoms of our cabinets. What do you guys think? I can't decide if it would drive me nuts or not. Or maybe I should just paint all the cabinets? Hm.

Here is a look similar to what I'm thinking, though this kitchen is a little "airier" than my personal taste:

I love the hardware on those, too!

I saved this image because I thought the charcoal cabinets were so pretty! I could perhaps go for a super-dark color like that, too, but my living room walls are similar, and I'm not sure if that might annoy me.
here is another two-toned kitchen - not necessarily a fan of that green, though. I do love green cabinetry, but I like greens that read as browny-putty-khaki greens, rather than bluey ones.

love this kitchen below! I also need to get with the program and re-tile our backsplash, which I painted white a long time ago. It could be cool to tile our entire back wall to our kitchen, but I doubt that will happen...most likely just the backsplash. Dad, are you reading this? let's do it! :)


  1. I painted my lower cabinets a silver gray blue color. I think it grounds a white kitchen.
    You should totally tile - I like the whole wall idea!

  2. Absolutely. I think you will love it. I am really into that gray putty color right now. Can't wait to see.

  3. I'm in love with gray right now, just painted my office that color! PS. I'm your newest you quite a bit yesterday and you are SO inspiring, I can already tell I'm going to look up to you and try everything you do. Haha. xo

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  4. hannah - haha, thanks for the admission of blog-stalking....we all do it! I'm flattered :)

  5. I say go for it! With your eye, you'll nail the color. I can't see this being something you'd tire of quickly.

  6. These pictures are great, I think you should do it. I love the look. I love the tiles going all the way up the wall too.

  7. I love that last image. So pretty!


  8. I think the last one is my favorite, but they all look great. I say give it a shot!

  9. Awesome, I'm thinking bout doing something similar in our kitchen since we can't afford to redo the whole thing just yet....DO IT!

  10. I painted my lowers dark gray, distressed a little and then finished with lt brown wax. My uppers are white. I kinda love them. I also left the doors off of a few of the uppers. Cheapest make over ever.

  11. The picture second to the last one in this post is the one I was talkin about when you were at the house on Sat. It's practically the same color I found in a oops can. I might paint the whole section where the oven is like the one in this picture as well. I like how it looks.

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