Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Morrocan Stencil Tone on Tone.

Recently, I did my "Moroccan" Stencil in a tone on tone look (meaning, the exact same color paint for wall and stencil, but the wall was the flat version, and the pattern was high-gloss). I hadn't done that before with this particular stencil pattern, and it was my client's idea, but I really love the way it came out. It's very sophisticated, but still playful and interesting. Check it out:

(FYI I believe the color is Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore)

(the paint was still drying when I took these shots!)

I did the whole wall that will be behind the beds (this is a guest bedroom, so there are two queen beds), but it was hard to get a shot this day, so I just have some detail shots. I promise to get better pictures once the room is completed! The plans are so beautiful for all the decor - I can't wait to see everything come together!


I also painted this dresser a while back, that will be in the room as well:

It was an old piece my client already had, that was completely "brown" wood....I just painted the bottom of it off white, and did some antiquing on it, as well as distress the drawers. She added the beautiful Mercury glass knobs from Anthropologie, and we left the top of the dresser dark stained.


  1. Omg, that is so pretty!! I'm planning to do a similar treatment in my powder room! Your stencil was perfect with that headboard... And speaking of the headboard, it's to die for!!

  2. lakeitha - i know, the headboards are awesome! I believe she said she got them from overstock, too... :)

    thank you guys!

  3. Love it too! It does not look grey though.

  4. thanks! yeah, it's a brownish gray. plus, it was a gloomy day outside, so getting pics of it in the right light was hard! it's a very pretty gray in person!

  5. Okay, you have my head spinning with ideas, have I ever seen a stencil painted in this way? (tone on tone) The result is fabulous! Love the peek of the headboard, so there are two in the room? It'll be fun to see the final room, great job.


  6. Beautiful. Love the colors for the wall. Great job.

  7. That moroccan pattern is beautiful in those colors.

    Have you seen this artist's Pour paintings yet? I am totally obsessed with the patterns.

  8. awesome work as usual, kristen! brown is one of the colors i always gravitate to, so i love seeing your fabulous stencil in a tone-on-tone look! gorgeous.

  9. This looks great! Can't wait to see the final product!

  10. Gorgeous! I love the walls and the dresser. You're so talented!


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