Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Faux Mounted Antlers

Soooo, the whole faux-mounted-antler trend may be at LEAST 5 years old, but I'm still kinda lovin' it...especially when the "antlers" are "mounted" on neon racks and are miniature.

I pinned (On Pinterest) this photo from Furbish's accessories site to "DIY"...I'm not sure why or how, but this screamed "make something like this" when I saw it, so I did. Plus, I spent all day Sunday (WEEKEND, DING DING DING!) working in the studio on client projects, so I thought I deserved one project for me, for working on a weekend :)

I bought these little mounts from the wood section at Hobby Lobby. They were 2 for $1.00. I then spraypainted them with kelly green, orange and neon pink spraypaint that I already had. (I spray-primed them first, so that the woodgrain wouldn't show through)

Then, I used a small drill bit to drill in little holes where the "antlers" (aka sticks that I found in the yard, and cut to be all about 7" long) would go. I didn't drill all the way through, just about 1/4" deep.
I just eye-balled the centers...I didn't care if they were perfect, and I actually think that its kind of cute for them to be a little imperfect.
To make my sticks stay in the holes, I did a little dot of hot glue into the holes. Not too much, or you'll have a big hot glue blob on there. Just a little, then rub it in with your fingers to blend it.

I drilled in little hangers on the backs:

and, done!


They're hanging in our living room:

I kind of love them.



  1. They are great. Love the bright colors and your fab yellow chair.

  2. Great idea, the bright colors are fabulous!

  3. Off topic..but I love your jute rug. How is it with your cats? Do they scratch it, or is it a fur magnet? I have two cats myself and was just wondering.

  4. thanks!

    shana - thank you! our cat doesn't mess with it at's actually kind of soft, so i'm not sure that he ever wants to scratch it. either way, he doesn't mess with it! also, i have never noticed cat hair on it...but i vaccuum it pretty regularly.

  5. I love this project! They are festive but can be kept up all year long- so cute!