Thursday, December 1, 2011


Just a simple detail shot of a painting I'm working on in the studio right now...


yesterday, I worked on it with oil pastels on top of was fun


  1. Awesome! Do you always mix your media on your paintings? Do you recommend a certain brand of acrylic paints? I've found that the cheap acrylic dries way too fast to move around on the canvas, but oil takes to long to finish in one week, so I'm trying to find something in between. Any advice you could give would be helpful! :)

  2. GOD your talented!!! You amaze me with all your paintings!!

  3. Love the detail. Hope to see the whole piece when it's done.

  4. Wow! This is incredible! I can't wait to see the full pic! Amazing!

  5. thank you guys, and rita - thank you, you made my freakin' night!

    megan - i always use acrylic paints, because that's what i've always done and it's what i'm used to! however, you can buy a medium that will slow down drying time, that you mix into your paint. i use that when i'm doing portraits, for sure. Golden brand makes a good one!!