Wednesday, December 7, 2011



juuuust workin' on this cabinetry that I will be finishing up today, and hopefully showing you guys tomorrow. The color I am using is Benjamin Moore's "Midsummer Night", and I think it's so pretty. It's a brownish gray, that I think would be fantastic on kitchen cabinets. It's really a gray, but it has enough brown in it to be warm and inviting - excellent with the beautiful brass light fixture that's going in the awesome space these cabinets belong to. I can't wait to see this room when the designer is done with it - the plans are amazing! Anyway, I hope to have photos to show you guys tomorrow, so look out for a full "reveal".

PS I'm using Benjamin Moore's oil-based paint called "satin impervo"... have you guys used it? I really hate working with oil-based paint, but it was necessary in this case (I only hate it because of the smell and the clean up! I almost always end up just throwing away my brushes). Anyway, I am told that this is the best of the best when it comes to oil-based paint, but it sure is giving me headaches every night. Phew!


  1. Have heard of the paint via LGN - thanks for the note about the smell!

  2. Do you wear a mask for such paint jobs? And why was it necessary--because of how it goes on? To prevent bleeding? For a perfect finish? Very beautiful work!

  3. anon - i don't, but i should! ;) i sometimes do, but mostly don't. sometimes I put a piece of tape over my nostrils, haha. oil-based was necessary because the previous finish was an oil-based topcoat, so you have to use oil on oil.


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