Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Soo, I made a video for you guys. Most of you seem to enjoy seeing the process of how I do things, so the other day, when I was getting ready to paint over a watercolor sketch I did, I thought I'd video it.

here is the drawing of two elephants for baby nursery that I did:
this is the drawing, before I did the painting part

I used a watercolor pencil (I like Derwent brand) to draw out the little elephants. After you draw them out, you simply use water and a brush to paint over your lead drawing, to turn it into a watercolor look. It reminds me of those coloring books that you get when you are a kid, and you use water and a brush to magically make the picture come to life :)

Anyway, it creates a nice drawing-slash-watercolor look.

Here's the video - hope you enjoy! I was videoing with my left hand, while painting with my right, so forgive when the camera is out of focus!


  1. i love that! and the little bean dish i gave ya as your water bowl. i sort of helped you create this piece of work. :)

  2. yes! i love my 3 bean-shaped dishes :) thanks for the assistance, michel :)

  3. WOW you need a tripod so you can make more of these. You do such amazing work. Those elephants are so cute!!