Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Armoire Makeover

Last week, I did a furniture makeover on this old armoire. I don't have a "before" photo of the armoire, but it kind of looked like this:

except, it was pretty dinged up, so it was already kind of naturally "distressed." :)

My client had this piece in her bedroom, which she liked. She was going for more of a rustic look anyway, but the wood tone of the armoire was too orangey-yellowy. We wanted it to be more brown.


First, I did a coat of brown glaze. I wanted to tone the entire piece down, so I knew doing this would be the first step. Then, I decided to give it some character, and knew that adding some offwhite spots of glaze would give it dimension and texture, so I did that. Here is a photo after I did that:


Admittedly, it looks a little crazy here. But, after I did that, I did one more full coat of brown glaze, then a 4th "spot filler" coat (meaning, I just go in where necessary and fill spots with glaze).

Here is the "after":

It was really hard to get a good shot of it, because it was still wet, and there was a big window in front of it with light shining on it, but hopefully you get the idea!


  1. oh wow! This is just beautiful!!

  2. I have bookcases just like that armoire and what I would give for them to get a makeover like this! The after is beautiful!

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  4. It is amazing - I'll send pictures once we get the new hardware on there too! Thanks again!

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