Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Nook

I feel like I really haven't been sharing many projects from my own home as of late - I sort of redecorated my living room in the spring, and I've been enjoying it ever since. Having said that, I am not a person that can leave things alone for too long, so of course I have been making little tweaks and changes along the way. Do you guys do that? I know some people can redecorate a space and leave it for ten years - I don't think I could ever do that. I can barely leave the same furniture in a room for more than one year. I'm not sure if it's the small space we have, or just my constantly changing tastes (blogs don't help that), but I am always craving change in my home!

Anyway, I just wanted to show you guys a little nook in my place that makes me happy. I love, love, LOVE color, so the combo of hot pink, black, navy, turquoise and green on this side table in my living room catch my eye every time I walk by. I think hot pink and navy have to be two of the best combo colors of all time.

just as a refresher, the table was a vintage (yardsale) find that I got for WAY cheap, and painted turquoise (I also wallpapered the insides with grasscloth). I added the gold ring pulls that I salvaged off of another piece of furniture, and spraypainted gold. The ceramic horse art was a thrift store find. I made that cat head silhouette a few months ago - it reminds me of the Carter Kustera portraits available at Jonathan Adler (except mine has a bowtie). I painted the background hot pink, and made the head and bowtie out of vintage paper I scored at Providence Antiques here in Atlanta, before it closed down.

If you zoooooom in, you'll notice the Readers Digest books I have on the table. I got 3 of them about a month ago at a Goodwill. I meant to blog about them, but I haven't yet. Anyway, they all are colorful vintage books with awesome patterns on the outsides! I love this green one, and I also have a yellow and orange version. I'll show you guys all three at some point. Sitting on top is a photo of me and my mom when I was a baby. Wanna see closer? It's funny:

me and mom are making some pretty awesome faces there, eh? HAH! I was a real chubbster as a baby. :) Sitting next to the photo is some rock thingamajig I got at TJMaxx or Marshall's.

The end! I hope my little end table made you happy, too.

oh! and since a lot of you guys are new readers, here is what the rest of the sofa looks like:


  1. I love me a well style nook! This picture is hilarious!

  2. I would love to know where you got that amazing painting above our cool! You have great style!
    Denise Briant
    Design Savvy of New Jersey

  3. Thanks, Denise - I did the painting!

  4. Kristen- is the coffee table? Do you find yourself windexing it all the time? I'm considering purchasing it myself and would love some feedback. THX!

  5. Love the picture of you and your mom - Too cute! I have a 13 month old and I love dressing her in navy blue and hot pink!

  6. Did you paint the painting above your sofa? I'm loving your blog btw.

    Amy R.

  7. That horse is the bee's knees.

    And I am in the midst of a post on those books! I picked up a couple for free a few weeks ago and was going to post about them tomorrow! Too funny...

  8. anon - it's not too bad. that being said, i don't have kids, and we only have a cat, not a dog. i think if i had kids, with little fingerprints all over it, i'd be windexing way more often! but it doesn't bother me, and i love it :)

    amy r- yes, i painted it!

    thanks, everybody!

  9. hi! just wanted to say how much i adore your blog! it's so awesome and inspiring! thanks for all the pictures of your amazing projects and all the helpful tips!

  10. Love your blog Kristen!! I am obsessed with vintage Reader's Digest books too. I have probably 12 around my house. I have had good luck finding sets of them cheap (all diff colors) on etsy and ebay. Just a suggestion if you want more- they have some awesome colors out there.

  11. LOVE that horse -- so glad you left him white!

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