Monday, August 15, 2011


Hello! Hope you all had a great weekend...

Along with all the regular painting jobs I do, I also get a few "weird ones" every now and then. Fixing things that are "off", or "wrong", or have just seen better days.

Brooke bought both of these architectural pieces from Pottery Barn (I think it was PB) a while back, but she bought them at separate times. Though they are both supposed to be from the same salvage place, the colors were off a little. She used to have them hanging the opposite way (one on top, and one on bottom, rather than side-to-side), and she said it wasn't so obvious, but when she flipped them this way, it was really obvious that they didn't match:


The one on the right is lighter than the one on the left.

I came in and did a little sanding and a little glazing, and matched them up a bit better: