Monday, June 27, 2011

restyling series on apartment therapy.

hey guys! so sorry i haven't blogged in almost a week. i was very busy with work last week, then went out of town for a long weekend. anyway, i've missed my little blog world, so i'm back today with a short post on the restyling 101 series that i did a while back. remember?

it was featured on apartment therapy, so i thought i'd provide the link here.

please check it out, if you have time and haven't done so already. i'll be back tomorrow with a longer post. have a great monday :)


  1. I just read the Apartment Therapy article. Great tips. Using the watercolor pencils are genius. I like the idea of the paint pen too. I just wish you lived locally - I would hire in a second!

  2. Will definitely check it out! Went to Escorpion last Friday night to check out your work! Looks fabulous and tastes good, too. ;)