Thursday, June 2, 2011


ever read a blog post, and think to yourself that it was totally pointless? why did a blogger spend time talking about such things? well, this is about to be one of those, so consider yourself warned. now is the time to click away...

if you're still with me, i'll show you a special little nook in my home that i like to look at. we all have them, right? this is a corner in my living room, that i recently added these little tealight holders from CB2 to.


it's over in the corner, behind our breakfast table.

those orange candles make me happy.



below the candles, on the floor, sits this basket that i bought years ago at a thrift store. i spraypainted it a glossy red a few months ago, and inside sits some of jordan's working supplies. function over beauty here, i guess.


this is a painting on the adjoining wall...the small circle was a painting remnant that i bought at providence antiques (RIP), and i hung it inside of an ikea frame with bleached burlap inside.


the end: 5 minutes of your life - wasted! ;)


  1. LOL, nothing wrong with sharing something that makes you happy!

  2. it was only 2 mins ;) just kidding.

    there's nothing wrong with just pics and some words. i actually prefer posts like this. I'm so ADD that I gloss over seeing large amounts of text.

    thanks for sharing your little nook!

  3. It's the little things that make us happy in life...thanks for sharing!!

  4. Not on topic, but I happened to think about it: how is your cat doing with the new couch?

    I've worried about your beautiful "new" piece!

  5. ha, corners!!!??? not good for sitting, live plants (no light), plastic plants (gather dust, U G L Y), standing (unless you're bad), noses (part B of the previous),etc.... but they are usually two blank walls that deserve to be docorated. maybe they should have their own feel, look, and personality that complements the room?? a thought for you creative types.
    nice job 'issy

  6. Sometimes the little things are the most interesting! Beautiful spot in your home! Janell

  7. Wow, RF hit the nail on the head in a such a funny way! Ha! Anyways, sometimes posting something you think would be trivial to us could actually be inspiring, so I think the post was great! :D xo

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