Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my loot.

i love a good deal. i get it honest, and i can't help it.

one of my favorite stores, providence antiques, (that i've mentioned several times!) is going out of business, so i stopped by the other day to check out their going-out-of-business sale (they're actually just housing their items in an antiques house now, so it's not totally going out of business).

anyway, i got 10 items for $10, and i thought i'd share them with you all! i really love the eccentricity of their pieces, and the colors and mediums mixed in-store. their displays are much like anthropologie's, and always provided endless inspiration for me. such a creative mind behind this store!

anyway, my loot (all scored for $1 each!):

1. a genuine '50's party dress. the fabric on the silk skirt is really pretty, and the dress almost fits me perfectly. after a trip to the alterations store, it'll be perfect in no time.

2. thick "Coffee table" book, covered in decorative hand-made marbled paper. i adore the colors in this paper!

3. (this one counts for two pieces, actually, which is why there aren't 10 items) 2 more thick coffee table books, labeled "43" and "44" with beautiful stamped scroll in red ink. they look so nice on my coffee table!

4. weird wallhanging. i love the turquoise/gold/brown ikat fabric, and the piece in the center is some sort of metal honor pin with a number 2 on it.

5. tiny decorative pillow, with antique indian fabric sewn onto the front of it.

6. no this is not what it looks like (yikes!). it's a bag of real (kind of weirdly steamy) moss!

7. pewter faux twig keychain

8. another decorative wallhanging, with a green felt background, and victorian-looking cherub art in foreground.

9. kitty cat change purse. i love cats.


  1. I can't believe you got that dress for a $1!! That's amazing!

  2. Wow! Great finds/steals! I love hitting up flea markets and antique stores. You find such great unique pieces. Make sure to take a pic of yourself wearing the dress!

  3. How cool! And for just $10! I am so jealous of your bargains!!

  4. Wow, I am in love with that party dress! Great finds. I'm jealous! = )

  5. Cute'll have to take a pic of it on, once you get it altered. :)

  6. Such good stuff! That dress is darling!

    I hated to see that they were closing. I pick up a deal myself last week, too. Remember that big ol' mirror in the back? Mine now! :)

    Your #9...I'm happy to know that you are a crazy cat lady, too. ;)

  7. yes, i love being a crazy cat lady, angela! i watched the show "world's cutest cats" the other day....then realized what i was doing....and laughed.

  8. I love that dress! I am going to have to check that store out!

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