Friday, March 11, 2011

salmon pink.

this is a photo of this from the other day that i forgot to upload.

and i like it.

so i'm showing it to you guys now.


that's all, carry on.


  1. Nice post. You've got a stunning picture. Its simply shows a great carving. I would love to learn doing carving.

  2. Ok that's a teaser. Something fantastic is up your sleeve I'm sure!! Love the color.

  3. omg! did you paint your living room salmon??? the suspense is killing me!

  4. Innovative creations that you can be proud of. Having that kind of talent can be considered as a greatest gift. i personally Love the details of such stuff.

  5. Well, I must say that "salmon pink" was a nice read. The photo was simply amazing and I like the color as well.

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