Thursday, March 24, 2011


perhaps the most creative title i've used yet...

anyway, charlene sent me this chair to be painted...she got it as a family hand-me-down, and is having it reupholstered in a great, brightly-colored floral fabric. (you can see it sitting on the back of the chair in this photo!)


it was being sent to the reupholsterers soon after i got it, but i tried to style it a little for you guys. i love this chair!



(needs to be dusted off a little more! hah!)

i loved the wood detail on the arms. what a unique chair!


  1. Absolutely perfect, love the color and worn finish with the sharp lines of the chevron pillow! You do wonderful work! Janell

  2. I lurve this chair! I love how the sanding/distressing doesn't take away from all the lines, but enhances them. Did you use a glaze?

    Did you do the upholstery yourself??


  3. That is a gorgeous chair for sure! so uniquie!

  4. Your work -- it is so good! Destiny

  5. Wow! That chair will haunt my design dreams! The side detailing is bananas! Amazing work!

    turn up the rad

  6. it was being sent to the reupholsterers soon after i got it, but i tried to style it a little for you guys. i love this chair!
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